How to fix Error 5200 on Canon Printer?

The error 5200 on the Canon printer will come because of the low level of ink. Not only this error but also there are lots of reasons to appear in this error. The canon printer error 5200 makes you stop printing any of the documents.

Before you move to the further steps you should know the causes of error 5200 on the canon printer. Mostly the reason for this error is the low level of ink.

The program works inside your printer which combines all the left ink and made it black. This is the reason which makes the ink cartridges empty or nearly empty.

Fix Canon Printer error 5200 

There are various steps to resolve the error 5200 in the canon printer. But below are the easy-listed steps that you can follow.

Step 1:- First of all switch off your printer and plug it out from the socket. After 10 minutes reconnect it and turn it on.

switch off the printer

Step 2:- After turning on the printer, turn off it so that it will lead to a canon printer about the ink level correctly.

Step 3:- Sometimes the error gets solved automatically at this point, so check whether the error 5200 is showing or not. If it is still showing, then you need to continue with this step.

Step 4:- This step might look similar to you but there is a possibility of working. Just have to remove the printer’s power plug from the plug socket.

Step 5:- Later on, turn off your printer and hold the “Stop” button for a while. After some time hold the “On” button and release the “Stop” button.

Step 6:-  The next thing is you have to press the “Stop” button total of five times and release both the “Stop” and “On” buttons at the same time.

stop/reset key

Step 7:- After all the LCD screen will turn blanks and the printer will successfully reset. Now again you have to do is to turn your printer On and at the same time Off the printer.

If you have tried all of these listed steps and still it is showing the same printer error 5200 and your canon printer won’t print then you need to perform the last trick by changing the ink cartridge.

Step 8:- You might feel that the ink cartridge is full in your printer. But you should use all the ink and again fill up the ink cartridge.

This will definitely solve your canon printer error 5200.

Troubleshoot the canon error 5200

Procedure 1

  •  Whenever your printer show this error then, first of all, you have to do is turn off your printer.
  •  Remove the power cable from the socket and at least wait for 5 minutes.
  •  Now check the printer whether the error is showing or not. Because sometimes it works.

Procedure 2

  • Take out the print head and ink cartridge.
install print head
  • Now Power On the printer and install both the print head and ink cartridge.

read more on how to fix the canon 1403 error to get the printer working again.

Procedure 3

  •  Turn off your printer and hold the Reset button.
  •  Make sure you press the On button at the same time.
turn on the printer
  • While you press the On button release the Reset button first.
  • Later on, press the reset button two times and afterward release the On button.
  • The window will show the code “O” while the LED flashes out.
  • After that, press the Reset button four times, and press the On button two times.
  • The last step is you have to restart the canon printer and check whether the error 5200 is showing or not.

you can also take this time to clean the canon print head for better and clearer printing.

So these are the steps that you can follow to resolve the error code 5200 on your Canon printer. Even after performing these effective steps, still, the error code 5200 is showing then we will recommend you contact the support department of Canon printer.

You can also uninstall & install the canon printer using the web address.

They can solve any kind of problem as they have technical experts.

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