Review & Performance Linksys Wireless Range Extender

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Introduction Of Linksys Wireless Range Extenders –

Linksys Range Extenders are One Of  the most commonly used range extenders in the market, as they usually provide budget friendly Range Extenders and do quite a good job, and works for quite a long time especially around 4 to 5 years. Usually, devices related to networking sector, doesn’t usually mishap soon, if looked after to them, and not used to roughly .

Linksys is one of the oldest manufacturers of Networking devices, and have been known for manufacturing all the network related materials, usually when it comes to reliability people prefers going with Linksys, due to the build quality and the durability they provide with their products.








Why We Need Range Extender –

Range Extenders are usually used to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signals without using too much of wiring, and keeping the things clean And Wire free in the home. Usually when we use a number of different routers connected via a Switch and then extend the Wi-Fi then it is not with the same Network, our mobile and laptop will usually break the signals and then connect to the next Network with the same SSID, which will be a wrong version of extending the Range, and hence Range Extenders are used to properly do the Wi-Fi integration.


Fix Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update Or Fail to Complete

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Today We Will Guide You to Fix Norton antivirus Problems Related With Norton Updates . Follow All steps Carefully And Fix Norton Update Issues . First lets Understand why we need Antivirus Protection .

Need Of Norton Antivirus –

Friends, Antivirus is one of the essential components of Windows, it’s not that Windows Or Mac  is highly venerable to Viruses, but the use for which a Windows PC Or Mac Computer is used.

We use the PC, to download media from different websites, to download some software, etc. And in this process we can get some malware, viruses, to affect our PC. Moreover, we also connect around at least 4 – 5 different USB devices on our PC, and if it contains a virus, then our PC is going to be affected by the same. Now to protect us from that we have Antivirus, and one of the best Antiviruses out there is Norton.

Fix Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update-

Norton Antivirus is a  good antivirus for many, but sometimes even Rolls Royce needs servicing, and same goes for Norton Antivirus too, Norton keeps on releasing updates of the Antivirus, and we need to update them on our PC to keep our PC protected via the latest virus.

Norton usually updates its software and database of virus regularly. But what if your Antivirus is stuck on an Update and you are not able to update your antivirus which might lead to your PC getting affected in future.

Basic Troubleshooting And Fix For Norton Update Issue –

Follow the Steps One By One And See if this Helps you to Solve the Problem .









Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding

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Norton Antivirus is one of the best antivirus for Windows PC out there in the market. Norton Antivirus does a pretty great job in saving the files which are important to us and keeps a place in our heart to be safe. As you know most of us uses Norton Antivirus on our system, and hence it is quite obvious thing that many will face some or the other problem as nothing is dot perfect in today’s world.







Understanding Norton Antivirus Crashing –

Many times when you try to open Norton Antivirus then it might Crash again and again or even we may get errors such as Not Responding dialogue box, which is the most irritating thing you might face, because many times it happens that we have to some urgent work via our pen drive and at the same time we need to scan it because we don’t want to risk our PC with some dangerous viruses.

Today we are going to get you some of the fixes for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding problem.

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Repair Norton Antivirus Corrupted Files –

You might have got a corrupted Norton Antivirus files and in order to repair it you need to get it fix you need to run the Norton Fix tool

  1.  Download the Fix tool from the Link  and save it on the desktop
  2. Double click on the downloaded file to run the fix tool.
  3. Accept the Usage Agreement and the Fix tool will start its work
  4. Restart the Computer
  5. After restart most probably your Norton Antivirus must start working.

If your problem doesn’t solve by using the Norton Fix tool then you might need to follow the following steps in order to get your Norton Antivirus working .

Norton Basic Troubleshooting And Checkup –

  • Login to Your Norton Account And Check Your Subscription And Renewal Just to make sure You Have Valid Licence to Use Norton Antivirus .
  • Update the Norton Antivirus To The Latest Version Available And Restart Your Computer .
  • Make Sure You Get the Latest Of Your Windows And You Must Disable Any other Antivirus Software .
  • Try Doing Restore Of Windows to Back date Learn More How to restore windows computer


Fix Norton Error Problems –

  1. Right click on Norton and click on Properties, If you see any error with the program in properties then see to it and attempt to clear them if any.
  2. If you cannot find any error message then go to add or Remove program which you can find inside the Control Panel, or even my computer. Now uninstall the Norton Antivirus program and then re download the program to install the same .

Learn More How to Install And Setup Norton Antivirus  .

After Installing The Norton Antivirus Don’t Forget to update Your  Norton antivirus .

3.If still your problem is not resolved then either it is something to deal with the internal windows files and hence it will require you to install Windows again, but before attempting to install windows again we will suggest you to contact Norton Internet Security Troubleshooting section on the site.

These were some of the fixes for solving the Crashing and Not Responding problem of Norton Antivirus.

Hope this Helps And Fix norton antivirus crashing And Not Responding issue .

Please Comment Below And Let us know if you need Any other Help with norton antivirus .

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How to Recover, Reset Wireless Password In Asus Router ?

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Understanding Asus Wireless Router –

It is all about Wireless in this whole world, maximum things we use have gone wireless nowadays, be it Wireless charging, Wireless-Fidelity Network (WiFi), Wireless connectivity of Mouse and keyboard, etc. But with the increase of this wireless part, we need to be secure at the same time to see if someone else is not using our facility and then it comes to the part, which a password play in a Router. As you know most router nowadays comes with WPS, but many times our other device doesn’t support one, and then we need the password. But passwords are the most difficult thing to remember more difficult than the last elements of Periodic Table of Chemistry.

Asus is one of the best brands in the industry of Networking and Asus products are popular when it comes to Routers, many offices use routers from Asus as they are reliable and Asus also keeps a watch on the styling of the router which is important for anything we take.

Now as we said passwords are tough to remember. Now, what if you own an Asus Router and you need to Recover your password from the Admin panel, or you need to Reset the wireless password of the router.

today we are going to help you with the same, today we will provide you a guide to Recover a lost WiFi password from Asus Router and Reset the password in case you need to change the password.

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Reset And Troubleshoot D-link Range Extender

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First let us talk about what exactly is a D-link Range Extender, as the name suggests a Range Extender does it work on extending the range of your Wi-Fi, and making access to WiFi easier where it was not available .

Friends In This Post We Will Reveal All Troubleshooting Tricks And Steps About D-link Range Extenders . D-link Range Extender are Popular Because there price and reliability. Few D-link Extender models Are  N300, DAP-1320 , DAP-1320  etc .

Let Us Ask You Few Question Before We Continue to Fix Your d-link Range  extender –

Are You Having Issues Connecting With Internet Using your d-link Range  extender ?

Your D-link extender is blinking Orange and Not Connecting to Your Wireless Router ?

Do You Have Setup , Security Or Coverage  Problem With Your D-link Extender ?

If Your Answer is Yes for any of these question Than You Are at right Place .

Basic Troubleshooting For D-link Range Extender –

  • Unplug The Range Extender From the Power Outlet and Wait For Like 2 min Than Turn it On
  • Restart Your Modem and Router And Try Connecting the Extender Again , Check Your Modem For Internet too .

Troubleshoot And Reset D-Link Range Extender

D-Link products are one of the most widely used products, and you can find them in places ranging from networking centers, to our houses where-in we have our routers. If you are lucky enough to have a house above 2,000 square feet, then you might have once suffered due to the lack of Wifi strength in some corner of your house, and you might have ended up buying a Range Extender. If you got a Range Extender, then there are many chances that it can be of D-Link which is one of the best company manufacturing Networking devices.

If you use a D-Link Range extender then many times due to some technical reason, some error might occur on the device, and we might need to Reset and Troubleshoot the Range Extender to make it work properly.

Now let us Guide you step to step To Troubleshoot Your D-link extender –


5 Ways Fix Laptop With No Sound Problems

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Today We will Talk About Sound Problems In Windows Laptop . We Will Try to Guide You some Easy Steps to fix the Sound Problems In Computer .

Let Us Ask You Honestly –

Did You Lost Sound in Your Windows Computer ?

If Your Answer is Yes Than This Article is Just for you Please Read Till Last And Fix Your Sound Problems Related To Your Computer .



How to Reset and Configure D-Link Wireless router ?

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Today We Help You to Troubleshoot D-link Router Problems . We Will Explain How to Reset And Install D-link router .

Understanding D-link Router Problem –

internet router is the most basic networking device that you will find in each and every household, but what to do if someone from your neighbor got your WiFi password and now is using your data, and you are compromising on the speed. Or May be you just want to reset the d-link router to Troubleshoot D-link router Problems .

Let us today Guide You how to reset a D-Link router and then reconfigure the same. So let us start with steps to reset the router.

How to reset D-link router?

In order to reset the D-Link Router, the router must have to be booted fully before you start the process to reset the router. To start the process you just simply need to use a paper clip or even a rounder from your kid’s geometry box and press and hold the reset button (which is a hole at the back of  D-Link router) for around 25-30 seconds.





When you release the Reset button, the D-Link router will reboot automatically and will be in its Factory default settings. The D-Link router will take around 15 – 20 seconds to boot up. After the router finishes booting, the router comes to its Factory settings, i.e. the factory set SSID mostly “D-Link” and an alpha numeric password which is written at the bottom of the D-Link router.

Reboot The D-link Router and Modem One more time just to make sure its ready for Installation of d-link router .

Now let us start with the steps to reconfigure a D-Link router from a factory state .

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How to Install And Configure Hp OfficeJet Printer In Home ?

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Friends In This Post We Will Explain How to Perform Easy Installation Of Your Hp Printer .

Setting up Hp Printer Is Incredibly Simple . You can setup HP Office Jet , HP ENVY , HP Laser Jet etc Using This Easy Guide.

We Are Going to Setup HP Office Jet Pro 8710 Printer As An Example to Show You The Hp Printer Installation For Modern Printers .

Lets Get Started And Try to Setup hp printer –

Hp Printer Installation And Setup –

  1.  Please  Unpack Your Printer . You Will Get Two Installation Disc For Mac And Windows Computer Inside Printer Packing . Keep in mind That if you don’t have installation disc you Can Also download the latest software for your printer from Official Hp Website .
  2. Use the Power Cord To Plug Printer From Power Outlet . After That Turn On Your Printer .
  3. Select Your Language And Press Yes . In Next Step Please Confirm your Country And Region And Confirm Yes .                                                                                   
  4. Set The Date and Press Continue  and Click Continue On Next Step As Well .

Folks In Next Step It May Ask You How You Want To Setup The Printer Like Self Manage Or IT Manage 

Since You Are Trying to install the Printer At Your Home Or Small Business We Will Recommend You Select Self Manage Option And Hit Continue .

6. Carefully Open the ink cartridge access door And Insert The Cartridge That Came With Printer Properly And Close The Access Door .

7. Now Printer Will check the Cartridge And Prompt You For Paper , Please Clean The Printer Try And Load the Paper , Adjust it Properly And Slide the Try Inside               And Close it .

8. Touch OK And Continue to your printer To  Start The Initialisation Process . Now Printer Will check the paper and Grant you a test print page .

Now Your Printer Will Ask You to Visit  to Download And Setup Printer Driver .

Installing Hp Printer With Computer –

You Can Always Download The hp printer Driver Using Or   .

Please Follow these steps to Get the Installation Done .

If Possible Connect Your Computer With Printer With the Usb Cable If Not Leave it

  • Open your Browser Like chrome . Firefox Or Internet Explorer  And Type  In URL And Press Enter .
  • Download the Printer Software  And  Please Run The Software and Extract the application .
  • Now Hp Easy start  Utility Will Help You Connect Your Printer With Wireless And Also Let you register You Product .
  • Agree to terms and Click Continue .Please Check Enable Hp Auto  wireless connect And Click Continue .
  • Now Installer Will Connect And Configure Your Printer Using the Same Network Your Computer is connected .
  • Click Continue and  Now Hp utility Will Download The Latest Driver And Please Install it .
  • Hp Easy Start will Make installation Easy Follow the Given Steps Only .
  • You Can Setup Scanner , Fax Machine Or Anything

Don’t Forget to register Your Product And Click Finish Installation .

Watch This Video For Any other Help And Guide .



You Can Also Connect your Printer With Wireless router using the manual Steps Also By Using the Printer Interactive Screen .


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Manual Setup Of Hp Printer –

Please Comment Below And Let us know if you Need Any other help With Hp Printer Installation .

Go to The Settings And Under the Settings Click WLAN Setup And Search for available Networks .

Confirm your Wireless Router And Type Your Network Password And Connect your Printer With Wireless Network .

Now Add Your Printer To Computer And Start Printing

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How To Setup And Configure D-link Range Extender ?

How To Setup And Configure D-link Range Extender ?

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Today in this Post we will Guide you How to install and Configure D-link range extender . Folks , D-link extenders have good Rating In Comparison of Any other Wireless extender . Setting up d-link range extender is incredibly easy and simple.

Once Installed D-link range extender will increase the speed And Coverage of your wireless network . In Order to setup d-link range extender You Should Have an  I.S.P Modem  (Internet Service Provider ) And a main Wireless router .

Lets Get started And Help You to Setup d-link extender –

Installing D-link range Extender-

Friends ,  Although These Days  Most of the range extenders Are Plug And Play Which Means You Can Just Setup Them in 2 minutes But those 2 minutes Can be very long if you really don’t Know the Right steps to get this Going .

Please Follow These Steps to Successful  Installation of your D-link router –

  1. Un-box Your D-link Wireless Range extender  And Plug it to the Power Outlet .
  2. Now Go to Your Computer Or Phone And Refresh The wireless Network List . You May See a New D-link network With Your Extender Model . Please Connect With It .

3. It May Ask For The Password Please Look at the back of Your D-link Box Or Check  the D-link Configuration card That Came with With D-link range extender box . Type The password And connect with d-link extender .

Access D-link Range Extender Setup –

4. Once Connected Please Open Your Internet Browser And Type http://dlinkap.local/  In Address Bar . You Can Also Try To open d-link range extender setup page .

5. In Next Step It Will Ask You How to Want to setup your range extender , Please Select Manually And Hit Next .

6. Now Extender Will Auto search for Available WiFi networks Around You To Join . Please Select You Main Router Network (Existing Wireless router  ) Name and Click Next 

7. Type the password of your existing Router And Click Next to Continue . Now Your Extender Will Try to communicate with your router And if your Password is connect Than d-link range extender will be connect to your router .

8. Once Can change And Configure Network name (SSID) And Network Password In Next Step . You Can also Adjust The Security And Disable the Guest wireless .

9. You Can also Enable And Disable 5 GHz networks For Gaming Proposes . At Last Apply And Save the Settings for extender to work .

10. Congrats Your D-link Range extender has Been configured . Now You Can Restart your d-link range extender and start Using Better Speed And Solid Connectivity throughout You Home .

Dear Folks If You still have Problem setting up D-link extender Please Try installing your extender Using the Ethernet Cable .

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Setup D-link Range Extender With Cable –

Friends Sometime Few People Find Installing Extender Hard Without Cable So Checkout This Option Also for Installation of D-link wireless Extender –

  • Place Your D-link Range Extender Near to Your Main Router And Plug Your Extender to Power Source And Turn it On .
  • Connect Your D-link Extender With Computer Using Internet Cable TO   Any LAN port On Existing Router .

Note While Installing d-link Extender With Cable Your Main router Should Be On But your Computer Should Be Disconnect (Wired Or Wireless Both ) From  your Main router .

  • Open Your Internet Browser Like Chrome, Firefox Or Internet Explorer and type http://dlinkap.local/ Or Use IP address In Your Browser Address And Press Enter .
  • Now Follow The Instruction Given Above And Configure Your Extender . After Setup Restart All Devices .
  • Please Place Your Extender Anywhere Midway between Your Router AND Wireless Clients .

Now You Can Connect All your Device With D-link extender . Hope this Helps to fix your D-link extender .

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need any other help to setup D-link Range Extender .

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 Belkin Router Login Page And Dashboard

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In This Post We Will Explain All About Ip address . We Will Also Explain How to Use and Configure this IP address .

You May Also Learn to Setup , configure , change the settings in Belkin wireless router .

What Is – Is the Default Gateway to Access Belkin Router Console Page Using Local Machine . In Simple Words This is just an IP ( internet Protocol ) address to access and Configure Belkin router setup And settings .

Belkin Router Login Using –

You Can Change Admin Password , Lock Your Belkin Router , Reset Belkin Password And Settings Using The same console .

You Can setup and configure Your Belkin Router Using The Same IP . Now Lets Get Started And Explain You How to login into Belkin router dashboard .

In Order to Login to Your Belkin Router Setup Page Please Open Your Browser Like Chrome, Firefox Or Safari . At the Top of your browser Please Type And Press Enter .

You Can Install Belkin Router Using This IP Address In Your Internet Browser .

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Hope this Help you to Setup and configure your Belkin router .

You Can Always Access Belkin router Setup page Using .

One can also reset the Belkin router Using The Same IP

Know  How To Reset password on Belkin router ?

Update Belkin Router firmware –

Download And Install Belkin Router Firmware With This Default IP address .

Just login to your Belkin router and go to utility’s And Settings , Check for updates And Downlaod Belkin Firmware setup . Upload and Install Your Latest Firmware to your Belkin router . Please Restart Your Router After Installation .

Read More

Comment Below And let us know if you have any other question Regarding Belkin Router .

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