How To Fix Privacy Error In Browser ?

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Do You Have Your Browser Saying Privacy Error Or Your Connection Is Not Private . 

You Can Have This Problem In  Any Browser Like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer Or Microsoft Edge etc .








We Will Guide You All The Steps To fix This Privacy Error in Your System.

There Are Many Things That Can Cause This Browser Problem . Like Proxy Settings , Outdated Antivirus , Incorrect Time and Date Etc .

Before We Continue Lets Just Keep Few Things In Mind

  • Sometime This Problem Is Only With One Particular Browser .
  • It Can Be A Particular Website That May Have This Problem Try Other Websites Too .

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Now Lets Go And Fix This Problem – Continue reading “How To Fix Privacy Error In Browser ?”

How to Recover Lost Norton Product Key ?

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Dear Friends You Can Buy Norton Products From Retail Store Or Norton Website .

Once You Buy The Norton You Get An Retail Card Or Activation Code .

That Helps You to Setup And Install Norton Antivirus Products .

Folks There Are Times Where You Need to Re-install Norton Antivirus Or Transfer Norton Antivirus to New Machine .

You Need Your Norton Product Key To Get Your Product Registered .

In Case You Have Lost Your Product Key That Came with Norton than Let Us Tell You How To Find Out Your Norton Product Key .

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Important  Facts –

  • You Don’t Need Product Key If You Can Login To Your Norton Account .
  • Most Of The time  You Can Use Your Email to recover Your Norton Account
  • Remove Any Older Version Of Norton Antivirus Before You Install Latest Norton Antivirus .

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How To Lock And Secure Belkin Wireless Router ?

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Do You Want To Secure Your Belkin router ?

As We Have Been Expert Fixing Most Of Router Problems –

Today In This Post We Will Explain You How To Lock And Password Protect Your Belkin Wireless Network . Continue reading “How To Lock And Secure Belkin Wireless Router ?”

How to Transfer Norton Antivirus To Another Computer ?

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Do You Want To Transfer Your Norton Antivirus To Another Computer ?

Need To Transfer Norton From Old Computer To New Computer ?

If Your Answers Is Yes Than This Post Is Just For You .

Today In This Post We Will Guide You All Steps To Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus And Help You To Transfer Your Norton Antivirus .

We Have Searched On Internet and Find Out That Many People Are Having This Issue And There No Easy Steps To Get It Done .

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Exposed Norton & McAfee Antivirus Installtion Fraud And Phone Scam

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Dear Friends Norton Antivirus (Symantec)  And McAfee(Intel) Both Are Big Brands With Millions Of Users .

Now These Days Few Group Of Scammers Are Doing Fraud Using The Brand Name Norton And McAfee .

Let Us Clear This The Norton And McAfee Both Are Legit In This Matter .

Exposing Antivirus Scam –

This Post Is All About Exposing Scammer Who Claim to Be From Norton And McAfee And Trying To Spoil The Name Of Respected Brands .

Today We Are Going To Expose Self Claimed Norton And McAfee Phone Scammers And There Installation Fraud  .

Lot Of People Have Lost There Confidential Information , Activation Keys And Sometime They Got There Computer Locked Up .

The Interesting Fact Is That Most Of The Time  Those Who Got Scammed Never Realise That They Have Been Scammed . Continue reading “Exposed Norton & McAfee Antivirus Installtion Fraud And Phone Scam”

How To Access And Login To Asus Router Setup Page ?

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Do You Want To Login To Your Asus Router To See The Wireless Password ?

May Be You Just Need to Change Some Settings In Your Asus Wireless Router .

Whatever Is The Reason But We Understand You Need To Access The Asus Router Setup Page .

Lets Go And Get You Login To Asus Router Setup Page .

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Login To Asus Wireless Router –

Please Connect Your Asus Router To Computer Using Ethernet Cable .

Now First Thing You Need Is The Default IP Address Often Call As Default Gateway .

Question – What Is The Default IP Address Of Asus Wireless Router ?

Answer –   Default IP Address To Access Asus Router Is  Or You Can Try This Web Address And Get To The Setup GUI Console Page .

  • Now Open The Browser Like Internet Explorer , Google Chrome Or Firefox.
  • Type The Default IP At The URL Box And Press Enter .




  • Now You Will See Small Box Asking For User Name And Password .
  • Please Try These Combination For Password And User Name .

Username  = admin  , Password = admin     .

If This Did Not Work Checkout These Combination –

Username- admin  , Password = Password

In Case You Don’t Get Access To The Router Setup Page Please Reset Your Asus Wireless Router .

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Once You Reset Your Asus Router It Will Be At Default Factory Settings .

You May Need To Re-Setup Asus Router .

While Setup You Can Change Password And All The Settings As You Wish .

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Tips –

  • After You Done Setup Please Don’t Forget To Restart All Your Devices .
  • In Case You Reset The Asus Router Please Change The SSID (Network Name ) And Password
  • After Login asus router You Can Change The Settings However You Wish

I Hope All This Information Did Helped You To Login asus router .

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need Any Other Help With Asus Wireless Router .

We Thank You For You Time .

Good Luck







How To Update Belkin Wireless Router Firmware ?

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Are You Looking For Firmware Update For You Belkin Router ?

Do You Have Performance Issues With Your Belkin Router ?

If Your Answers Is Yes Than Please Keep Reading This Amazing Guide To Update Belkin Wireless Router Firmware .

Dear Folks Since Last 5-10 Years Belkin Router Have Been The Best Choice When Comes To Home Wireless Networking Devices .

Question – What Is Firmware ?

Let Us Make You Understand Continue reading “How To Update Belkin Wireless Router Firmware ?”

Why Acer Laptop Sound is Not Working ?

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Do You Have Problem With Sound In Acer Laptop ?

Already Tried Few Third Party Driver Checker Programs To Fix The Sound Problem ?

Did’t Work ?

Sure Nothing Worked ….  Thats Why Your Are Reading This Post.

Those Programs  Mostly Never Work ( Personal Experience )

Don’t Worry We Will Guide You How To Troubleshoot Audio Problem With Acer Computer .

First Lets Get to Know How Your Sound Stopped Working – Continue reading “Why Acer Laptop Sound is Not Working ?”

How To Setup Asus Wireless Router ?

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Friends Today In This Post We Will Guide You How to Setup Asus Wireless Router With Your Modem.

Folks Asus Wireless Router Is Bit Different In Console And Interface But Other than that asus router setup Is Similar Like Any Other Wireless Router.

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Avg Installation Failed | Avg Support | Avg Antivirus Troubleshooting

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Friends If You Have Any Problem With Avg Antivirus Like avg installation Failed , Avg Won’t Start Or Fail to Update etc .

We Can Help You Troubleshoot And Fix Your Avg Antivirus Problems.

First Thing First  Lets Get Started And Fix Avg Download And Installation Failure Problem.

Avg Download & Installation Problem-

Dear Folks Fixing Avg Installation And Download Fail Issues Can Be Easy With Right Steps And Instruction Please Follow –

If Your Avg Download has Been Fail Try This – Continue reading “Avg Installation Failed | Avg Support | Avg Antivirus Troubleshooting”