Fix laptop battery which is draining fast even after full charge ?

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While Your are Reading this post We are assuming that You have a laptop Or desktop Computer which has some battery issues .

Friends even after full charging Your laptop if You battery Drains fast you can try following instructions to Solve Your battery backup issue .

But first We have to understand few things

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How To Reset Password In Dlink Router ?

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While You are Reading this Post We are Quite Sure You are having problems connecting Your Devices With Dlink router

Maybe you Forgot the password Or May be you want to  Reset Password In Dlink Router for Security Reasons .

We will Guide You step by step to Reset Password In your Dlink router . after Reset will also Help You to setup a New Password On your Dlink Router .

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How To Setup Linksys Wireless Router In 5 Min ?

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Linksys Routers are one of the best Home wireless router . it has good security feature and better wireless length .

Checkout this Post about Linksys wireless router setup .

Please follow steps  and you will be able to setup linksys wireless router in 5 min .

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How to Boot android phone in safe mode ?

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lets just admit it. if you are reading this post one this is confirmed that you have a phone that have some problem and you are not happy about that .

Why We Need Phone in safe mode-

so just try and understand the issue and get the phone working.
you can use safe mode to troubleshoot almost 60-70 % problems with your phone or application like sound ,display , application , battery problems , internet connection ,slow phone etc .
Do remember no third party application will boot into safe mode . that why its called safe mode.

How to Start android phone in safe mode

there are lot of ways where you can perform a safe boot on your phone –

We will tech you many ways how to boot your android phone in safe mode.
first take a full backup of Your Data if possible.

you can do it online storage or computer storage doesn’t matter just take the full backup.
now here is how you start your phone in safe mode-

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Specification And Review About belkin N600 DB Wireless Router

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Reviews About Belkin Wireless Routers 2017

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Inside Reviews of Best Belkin Router-

i have Used belkin wireless routers for more than 7 years and as a technical expert especially with belkin router i have something important to tell you about Belkin router that may change your mind .

So please read the full post and we will help you to pick up the best belkin wireless router .

We spent and a great amount of time and bring user reviews via internet , stores and users to find all about belkin wireless router .

Without wasting your time let’s get started and know the Real things about belkin router . We Consider belkin routers are the Best home wireless routers .

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Reviews for Top 10 best Home wireless routers 2017

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Friends the moment we hear the word wireless router we think of internet coming to all our devices without any wire . you think of your computer , may xbox , kindle , roku , blu ray player , your iphone or andoride phone or may be netflix .

the Point is everybody need internet and As a internet lover we understand How important the wireless router can be .


The Best Reason For you to Read this Post –

  1. Going to Buy a new wireless router
  2. Internet connectivity problems
  3. Easy Router setup and installation
  4. looking for Great range and coverage with wireless router .
  5. Better security and firewall system.
  6. amazing things that you can do with router .

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How to fix computer Webcam is Upside Down Problem ?

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Fix webcam is upside down –

webcam is the most important component for video call . while you are doing video callings using skype,facebook massenger ,or any other video calling software .

If your webcam is upside down after windows update Or webcam is not working properly of may can try these steps to Get the Webcam working .

Some Basic Steps –

  • Restart the computer and update the latest software for webcam in device manager.
  • make sure webcam is not off in program .
  • we have to make sure its webcam issue or particular program issue .

check the camera and webcam please click on windows key and type camera please open and see if it is working .

Try uninstalling and installing  webcam driver-

if you see the webcam is upside down and not responding . try these steps to rectify the problem with webcam –

  1. Open the device manager .
  2.  Click on imaging device and right click on it and please update the driver .
  3. after update restart the computer . if this did not work and try more here-

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Computer Making Weird Noise How to Fix Crazy Sounds ?

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folks there are many things that makes Your computer shouting strange and loud . let it be any device laptop Or desktop Nobody like a loud and strange computer .

lets understand the problem completely .

Few Problems and their solutions –

Fan is Making Weird sound-

The hard drive’s death rattle-

Strange BIOS beep Codes  –

unhealthy speaker sounds –

Flickering sound coming from computer –

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How To Reset password on Belkin router ?

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I am very sure that While you are here you may want to reset belkin router password .

in this post we will also tell you how to retrieve the password without resetting the router In case you forgot the Belkin wireless  password .

Lets Guide you and teach you –

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