What is iTunes error 53 and how to fix iTunes error ?

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lets start by understating the problem and how to fix iTunes error 53 .  basically till now as i have seen people facing this iTunes problem with there iPhone and iPad .

we need to understand first why this error 53 comes in your system .

you may have updated your ios or you may have replaced sensor or the whole screen

As apple describes this issue as a ”security test failure error code ”

there was a test protocol designed by apple to check the touch id now unfortunately it has effected lot of apple device .

apple did recognize this problem and they have release a updated  version IOS 9.2.1 to fix iTunes error 53.

many more user who have replaced there touch id or screen  from somewhere else instead of apple store they also can be effected by this problem .

some users are still having issue with iTunes error 53 so here is how you fix it .

how to fix iTunes error 53 –

let us be very clear that it is a problem that comes in itines whenever you change change hard or the software .

first we have to understand if we have error 53 on iTunes how it will impact your device .

  • you may see apple logo is stuck on screen and after waiting 10 -15 min it will just say error code 53
  • it may also look like your screen is stuck at start up saying ”connect to iTunes ”
  • after error 53 you may not able to do anything on your iPhone or iPad


please follow these steps first to make sure if this can be fixed by simple steps –

  • make sure its not plugged by computer or any cable
  • perform a hard restart on your device . press the power key and hold for like 30 seconds .
  • after hard reset you may see option for restore or update please click restore
  • after that connect the device with computer using a USB cable
  • open the iTunes and please select your device and please update the ios version of your device .
  • make sure you have latest iTunes software   installed on your device .
  • after all steps please restart your device and see if it is working .
  • is it is still not working i think its time to take your device to near apple store .

please tell us if you have any other issue with your iTunes application comment below and let us know about your problem .

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How to fix iTunes problems ?

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lets just start by Understanding why you here and why i wrote this article. iTunes is application developed by APPLE INC.  and you can use this application in windows computers and almost all apple device like iPad , imac , iPhone , mac book and many more apple products .

we are intend to help and fix iTunes problems .