How to Setup Trendnet Wireless Router ?

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How to Setup Trendnet Wireless Router ?


Today We Will learn How to Setup and Configure Trendnet Wireless Router In Just 5 Minutes Using this Quick and Simple Guide .

Dear Friends setting up any home wireless router is Easy and Process is Almost same In Every Other Home Wireless Router .

Before We Begin to setup trendnet router We Would need few things upfront like –

  •  You Need 2 Internet cable Often Called Ethernet Cable (If You 1 Cable That’s Fine )
  •  Internet Service Provider (Modem )
  •  Computer (Optional ) Or Any Device With Full Browser Like chrome. Mozzila , internet explorer etc .

Now if you have these things let us Guide you how to setup trendnet router .

First Find out what is the default Ip address (Default gateway ) of your router .

Most of the time default gateway (I.P)For trednnet router is But You Can Also check At The Back of your router for default ip address .

Now we have everything we need to install trendnet router .

Just follow these steps – (more…)