using a windows 10 computer can give you great option and graphic to customize the way of computing but there are times when face problem with it . we are committed  to make sure this these problem can be fixed that can save your money and time.

Antivirus Scam
Antivirus Macbook McAfee Norton Windows Windows 10 Problems

Exposed Norton & McAfee Antivirus Installtion Fraud And Phone Scam

Hello Everybody, Dear Friends Norton Antivirus (Symantec)  And McAfee(Intel) Both Are Big Brands With Millions Of Users. Now These Days Few Group Of Scammers Is Doing Fraud Using The Brand Name Norton And McAfee. Let Us Clear This The Norton And McAfee Both Are Legit In This Matter. Exposing Antivirus Scam – This Post Is […]

Windows 10 laptop loading slow
Windows 10 Problems

Why my windows 10 laptop is loading very slow ?

Hello Folks, Welcome to Friends, Since Microsoft has introduced their new and Improved Operating System (O.S) Windows 10 there has been many Rumors about it. After windows 10 Upgrade One of the starting issue that really drags windows 10 user attention was Slow windows 10 computer. It was not all Microsoft fault – Most of […]