Why Acer Laptop Sound is Not Working ?

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Do You Have Problem With Sound In Acer Laptop ?

Already Tried Few Third Party Driver Checker Programs To Fix The Sound Problem ?

Did’t Work ?

Sure Nothing Worked ….  Thats Why Your Are Reading This Post.

Those Programs  Mostly Never Work ( Personal Experience )

Don’t Worry We Will Guide You How To Troubleshoot Audio Problem With Acer Computer .

First Lets Get to Know How Your Sound Stopped Working – (more…)

Why Acer Laptop Won’t turn Power On ?

Why Acer Laptop Won’t Boot –

Hello everyone,

since you are reading this post we understand you might have issue with your Acer laptop not booting or may be its not even powering on .

first try some physical activity first desktop –

  1. if its a desktop Open the cover of your tower  and take out the Ram and use the cotton cloth to clean it up .
  2. apply some cooling paste on the processor .
  3. use a blower to clean the dust of your acer desktop.
  4. reassemble the desktop and push the power key and hold for like 20 seconds .


FIX- Acer laptop not connecting to wireless ?

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Acer laptop won’t connect to wireless

while your Acer laptop won’t connect to wireless it can stop your all internet activity.

without internet we know how it feels and we know the pain of no internet connection.
we are sure that you have already tried many things to fix your acer wireless connection .

just try this post . there are fair chance after reading this post you will be able to fix your wireless internet connection with Acer laptop.

folks lets understand the wireless Problem with Acer laptop wireless connection .

baby steps –

Did you try rebooting your acer see if that fix your wireless connection issue with your issue laptop.

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Go On blame Windows for this –

Sometime its just a wrong windows update that you might have installed without checking it .
Friend as a endpoint user you must understand that all updates given by Microsoft not meant to install . Trust us Its not Microsoft fault
you must filter them before you install them but lets just leave this topic for Now .

So you just follow the steps as we recommended-

Fix Acer laptop wireless connection

  • just restart the laptop
  • open the control panal or click on windows key and type “device manager”
  • Now select the options “Network adapters”
  • please look on the Top of your device manager meanu you can see action click on it and click on scan for hardware changes .

if this did not work just never mind – it was just a basic step

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  • Try updating the acer laptop wireless adapter –
  • Please don’t do it by using the device manager that is confusing . try this one –
  • open the control panal
  • Go to network and internet>click Network and Sharing Center .
  • at the left hand top click on change adapter settings.
    You can see Ethernet (local network ) and WiFi (wireless ) connection
  • please take your mouse pointer on wireless connection and right click on it .
  • go to properties and now here click on configure
  • Now you see a box coming with many options first go to power management .
  • unchecked the both box and apply the settings now you need to click on driver section on top of that box.
  • Please click on update driver and click on search automatically for updated driver software
    than wait for it to download and install the driver . after its updated click on finish and restart the computer see if that works
try uninstalling acer wirelss adapter software
  • just go to the device manager and select the network adapter and uninstall the wireless adapter that you are using and restart see if that works
  • if all this did not work Don’t worry just find out your computer model number
  • click on windows key type msinfo32 and select system information
  • here you can find the model number of your acer laptop.
  • now uninstall the wireless adapter and download the latest wireless adapter software using the model number.
  • You can use any other computer to download the software from acer website .
  • now Save it in your USB flash drive .now plug the USB flash drive and run the application.
  • after its installed restart the computer and see if this fix your wireless connection .
  • You can also try changing the encryption type of your wireless security see if that helps .

see if all helps you to fix Acer laptop wireless connection .

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