Why zyxel wireless router blinking orange/red and not working ?

 Fix- Zyxel blinking orange /red and wireless

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when your zyxel router do not work here are few steps that you might want to follow to solve this zyxel blinking orange problem .

Before you think to reset the zyxel modem or ADSL router-

i will suggest you not to try that because than you would have to go through with your ISP or service man. (more…)

How to setup zyxel wireless router ?

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Dear Zyxel user if you like to setup zyxel router here is the Quick .

First Connect the internet Cable to Zyxel router and follow –

Setup zyxel  Router in easy steps-

  1. Open your preferred Web browser.
    Type “” in the address bar,
    then press “Enter.
  2. When prompted to enter the administrator password, Username: admin
    Password: 1234
    then click “Login.”
  3. Enter the password into the New Password and Verify New Password boxes.
  4. Quick Start Wizard will now launch automatically.
    than Click Next
  5. now Click the “Go to Wizard Setup” link. and Click your preferred language
    Click “Next
  6. Type a unique network name in the “Name (SSID)” field
    click “Next.”
  7. Small dialog box appears – displays the “Pre-Shared Key” value. Write this value down..
    Click the “OK” button
  8. Select your broadband connection type – if the software does not detect it automatically.
    then click “Next.
  9. Choose “PPP over Ethernet” or “PPTP” connection. 0006
    enter your username and password in the corresponding fields. – (Given by your ISP if you not have then call your ISP- (internet service provider) )
  10. Select the “Get Automatically From ISP” option.dns_hijack_01
  11. Click the “Factory Default” option in the “WAN MAC Address” window,
    click “Next.”
  12. please Click the “Apply” button,Wait a few minutes for the router to reboot and apply the configuration changes.

Open a new tab or window in your Web browser.

Click on Wireless Setting..

Here are  detail the current Wireless Network Name (SSID) and the Password for the wireless connection.
You should make a note of these details,

if there are any problem then please share your comment’s we will try to help you out..

Here are some Article/Video for better solution’s and better knowledge about products and setting’s.. –

try some more guides to

More Ways to setup zyxel router-


Video for setup zyxel router-

I Hope this will help you to setup the Zyxel Router
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FIX- Zyxel wireless router is not working

Fix -zyxel wireless router internet problems-

  1. when zyxel wireless routers do not work than there can be many reasons -may be your are not getting the internet from your internet services provider  or may be its just your zyxel .
  2. so lets try some steps and see if this can be fixed –
  3. restart the zyxel wireless router wait for like 2 min than reboot your computer or device that you would like to hook up with the zyxel wireless system .
  4. open the zyxel setup page using the default gateway type cmd and than in cmd type ipconfig and nokw you will see the default gateway IP.
  5. try changing the channel and settings . you may also want to change the password and SSID .
  6. Save the settings and reboot the wireless router .you can connect your devices .
  7. if nothing works than reset the router and setup it again https://fixingblog.com/setup-zyxel-wireless-router/
  8. please comment below for any other problem . thanks