How to Recover, Reset Wireless Password In Asus Router ?

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Understanding Asus Wireless Router –

It is all about Wireless in this whole world, maximum things we use have gone wireless nowadays, be it Wireless charging, Wireless-Fidelity Network (WiFi), Wireless connectivity of Mouse and keyboard, etc. But with the increase of this wireless part, we need to be secure at the same time to see if someone else is not using our facility and then it comes to the part, which a password play in a Router. As you know most router nowadays comes with WPS, but many times our other device doesn’t support one, and then we need the password. But passwords are the most difficult thing to remember more difficult than the last elements of Periodic Table of Chemistry.

Asus is one of the best brands in the industry of Networking and Asus products are popular when it comes to Routers, many offices use routers from Asus as they are reliable and Asus also keeps a watch on the styling of the router which is important for anything we take.

Now as we said passwords are tough to remember. Now, what if you own an Asus Router and you need to Recover your password from the Admin panel, or you need to Reset the wireless password of the router.

today we are going to help you with the same, today we will provide you a guide to Recover a lost WiFi password from Asus Router and Reset the password in case you need to change the password.

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How To Access And Login To Asus Router Setup Page ?

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Do You Want To Login To Your Asus Router To See The Wireless Password ?

May Be You Just Need to Change Some Settings In Your Asus Wireless Router .

Whatever Is The Reason But We Understand You Need To Access The Asus Router Setup Page .

Lets Go And Get You Login To Asus Router Setup Page .

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Login To Asus Wireless Router –

Please Connect Your Asus Router To Computer Using Ethernet Cable .

Now First Thing You Need Is The Default IP Address Often Call As Default Gateway .

Question – What Is The Default IP Address Of Asus Wireless Router ?

Answer –   Default IP Address To Access Asus Router Is  Or You Can Try This Web Address And Get To The Setup GUI Console Page .

  • Now Open The Browser Like Internet Explorer , Google Chrome Or Firefox.
  • Type The Default IP At The URL Box And Press Enter .




  • Now You Will See Small Box Asking For User Name And Password .
  • Please Try These Combination For Password And User Name .

Username  = admin  , Password = admin     .

If This Did Not Work Checkout These Combination –

Username- admin  , Password = Password

In Case You Don’t Get Access To The Router Setup Page Please Reset Your Asus Wireless Router .

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Once You Reset Your Asus Router It Will Be At Default Factory Settings .

You May Need To Re-Setup Asus Router .

While Setup You Can Change Password And All The Settings As You Wish .

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Tips –

  • After You Done Setup Please Don’t Forget To Restart All Your Devices .
  • In Case You Reset The Asus Router Please Change The SSID (Network Name ) And Password
  • After Login asus router You Can Change The Settings However You Wish

I Hope All This Information Did Helped You To Login asus router .

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need Any Other Help With Asus Wireless Router .

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How To Setup Asus Wireless Router ?

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Friends Today In This Post We Will Guide You How to Setup Asus Wireless Router With Your Modem.

Folks Asus Wireless Router Is Bit Different In Console And Interface But Other than that asus router setup Is Similar Like Any Other Wireless Router.


How To Reset Asus Wireless Router ?

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Today In This Post We Will Guide You How To Reset Asus Wireless Router .

Resetting Asus Wireless router Can Be Bit Different Than Any Other Wireless Router .

Mostly People Do Reset On Router When There Router won’t Work Or Sometime They Face Trouble Connecting Some of devices With Wireless .

Reset Will erase All The Settings From Wireless Router And It Will Go to The Factory Settings .

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How To Fix Asus Wireless Router Common Problems

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Dear Folks Today we will share Some common Problems and there solutions with asus wireless router Problems .

We are intend to Guide You step By step to Fix any kind of problem With asus router .

Guys internet has become an essential part of life our daily life . it is a age where we no longer depend on cable to get internet in our devices .

In simple Language wireless router is a device that gives you wired and wireless internet all over you home .

Asus Routers Are Quite Famous and reliable . lets Understand few common issues with router and there steps to fix asus wireless router .

Few Common Problems with asus router

  • Asus router setup problem
  •  Wireless router is no longer secure
  • Asus Router is blinking orange
  • Everything is connected but no internet
  • you want to reset the password in your asus router etc.

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Quick fix – Asus wireless router is not working


Asus wireless routers are very good router among all  types of home wireless routers.

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Here are some common steps to quick fix your Asus wireless router .

   Fix  Asus wireless router having issues

checkout these options to fix your Asus wireless router

1- On off your devices.

unplug your router’s power cable, wait for 10-15 seconds, and then plug it back in.  restart your modem if you have and your system also.router-s

2- Check cables


You should check all of the cables involved and ensure that they’re connected.→ Remove all wireless cables for 1 minutes and attach again.

3- Overheating-

Turn OFF for an hour and then try to connect with your PC.

4- Try to update your WiFi driver.

  • img-1_thumb2
  • Go to Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Click on Device Manager.
  • Now update your network/ WiFi driver

If update driver are not working then Un-install your driver and  re-install the driver.

now try to connect with your WiFi if not then try to reset your router and configure it again.

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5- Reset your asus wireless router.-kb19584-001_en_v8

  • Using a paper clip , press continue to hold the reset button at least 15 seconds after inserting the power cord, then release it.
  • Now-
  • open your browser and type
  • Hit enter.
  • Enter your login username and password.
  • Go to restore save upload setting.
  • click on restore.
  • Now click ok then your router will reset. Now lets configure your router setting.


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      Setup your asus wireless router

  • first plug out the internet cable from your modem and plug it in your router in wan port.kb3687-008_en_v10
  • Then take a cable that came with your router and plug it in your router in one of the 4 lan port on the back and the other end in your pc. r8000_cable-your-router
  • Now give the router power and wait ..
  • Now open your web browser and type in url bar
  • Hit enter.untitled
  • Type your user name and password to login in the asus wireless router .images_techsupportarticlepix_8195image2
  • Make sure your all the devices are connected if everything connected.r8000_cable-your-router
  • Click next.
  • now Click on set everything automatically.
  • Click ok.
  • now we are in the router setting to connect the internet you need to enter the username and password that you got from your isp.
  • Go to wan and scroll down to account setting.
  • But first change the wan connection type to pppoe.1381_3
  • Scroll down and enter your username and password. ( your internet service provider provides you)
  • Now scroll down and click apply and wait to process.
  • please  open any webpage to be sure the connection is established.
  • Now you need to secure your wifi.   

     How to secure asus wireless router

here follow instruction to secure asus wireless router and setup password on wireless router .


  • Go to wireless
  • Choose your ssid name
  • Select wireless mode- auto
  • Channel- auto
  • Choose your authentication methodwpa2-personal.
  • Type your password and scroll down and click on apply and wait to proceed.
  • Now your wireless is secure
  • Now secure your setting and change the login password so you can only change the settings.
  • Go to advance setting and under administration click system.
  • Enter your password.asus-router-enable-jffs-and-ssh
  • Click apply
  • Now in the right top corner click on reboot and wait..
  • let your asus wireless router be rebooted .
    Logout from your router page and now you are ready to connect with your wifi..untitled


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we hope that this did fix your asus wireless router . Please comment below and please tell us  if you still have any other issue with your asus wireless router . Thanks for Reading