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Are You Getting Internet Slow From Your Belkin Wireless Router? Don’t Worry We Can Help You Get Your Speed Boost Up In Your Belkin Router. Check out the Steps Given Below To Get Faster Connectivity From the Belkin router. in our last post we explained how to fix belkin router orange light issue.

Troubleshooting Slow Belkin Router

The reason we are writing this post because we know there nothing is more frustrating than slow internet. Before We Go Further Please Try Steps On Computer –

  • Restart Your Computer And Update Your Windows.
  • Please Update The Wireless Driver In Your Computer.
  • Check Firewall And Update The Antivirus.

If you are facing slow internet speed from your Belkin wireless router

Here are some step to fixing your slow Belkin router problem-

1- (“Start > Run”, type ncpa.cpl and click OK) and double-click the entry for the Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection.  it displays Status – what “Speed” does that show?

ncpa.cpl in run
LAN connection status

2- Update your WiFi driver

update wifi network adapter
update firmware belkin

Use your computer and also update your Belkin router firmware.

Few More Tips to Fix Belkin Router Speed And Connection –

  • Try Installing The Router into the Area Where You Have Best Need And Coverage.
  • Adjust the Router antenna for Best Performance towards Your Devices.
  • Change the Channel Settings In Your Belkin Router to get the Proper Broadcast.
  • Check the Security type Also Which Suits Your Desired  Devices.

at any time you can reset belkin router to default settings & start over the process of belkin router setup from scratch.

Keep Reading For More Cool Assistance –

3- Maybe your Laptop too far from the wireless router, or too many  (walls & steelwork) between laptop and router. do not go so far from your wifi range.

you can also add Belkin range extender for better speed

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4- Now try to reset your router.

  • Unplug all LAN cables from the router.
Ethernet cable
  • Unplug the router power cord connector from the back of the device.
  • Using a paper clip, the press continues to hold the reset button For 30 Seconds, then carefully reinsert the power cord.
  • While Reset All Light Will Start Blinking That Will Be Good Sign That It’s Being Reset.
  • Please Restart Your Belkin Router And Modem After Reset And Setup Using The Given Steps.
  • By default, the password on the router is left blank, and the default IP Address is

You should now be able to connect to the Internet. & if the Belkin router still working slow or keeps disconnecting then try troubleshoot Belkin internet problem using recommended settings or contact support.

I hope this will help you out to fix Slow Belkin Router.

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