Why Mouse is not working in computer ?

if your mouse is not working then there are some steps to follow-
USB mouse
Reboot the computer to resolve this issue.
disconnect the mouse cable and then reconnect to a different USB port.aid5565565-728px-set-up-computer-speakers-step-2 usb
try to change your mouse or change your port.
clean your mouse.

Reinstall USB
Right Click My Computer
then click on Propertiesmy_computer_propertiesDevice Managersystemproperties Look for universal serial bus/usb drivers/other devices.77589i174e5be5cdfa422e
uninstall USB devices by right click and unistall the deviceusb2 ximage6-png-pagespeed-gpjpjwpjjsrjrprwricpmd-ic-iqotof1oxt
restart the computer
let USB reinstall ..

Wireless mouse81j5yl-0gfl-_sl1500_

If the mouse does not appear to be on, replace the batteriesdownload
Make sure the wireless receiver is within range

Disconnect the wireless USB adapter and try plugging it into a different port.
and try to reinstall your driveruninstall-driver-device-manager and turn off your computer.

touchpad mouse.uq87b

try to restart your laptop and Make sure you have all the latest Windows updatesc01883485 & latest drivers installed on the computer.
if not then try to update your window and re-install your touchpad driver.

try to troubleshooting
click on start and in the search bar type trobleshooting and under system and securityc04540920
click on run maintenance taskwindows-7-sp1 and follow instrustion after that click on Fix problem with windows update.

delete some temp file and clean your computer from the viruses, spyware, junks, cookies, koobface..

If all of the above solutions do not resolve the issue, run an operating system repair or restore your window.12150_en-us_2 040520system20restore-11341606

i hope this will help you out.


  • try this–
    Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager. see a list for your mouse. After selecting your mouse, you should have the option to remove the driver. Once the driver has been removed, reboot the machine. When booting the drivers will be re-installed.
    2- You could also try a different USB port for the mouse.
    3 clean your mouse and try to use it again. if your touch pad is not working then try to repair or reset your window.

  • right click on computer and you will see “manage” then click on “Device Manager” go to mouse and other pointing device.”PS2/Mouse”. Click on it to update the software and if not working then try to click on roll-back for previous version your mouse will be work fine.

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