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Belkin range extender reset & Belkin setup both are Quite easy as long as you Know How to use Belkin.range & follow the correct guidelines given below-

Belkin range extender will help you boost the signal & strength of your existing Wireless Router. Belkin extenders are compatible With almost Every wireless Modem and Wireless Router. http://Belkin.range is used to setup Belkin range extender and today we will explain how It can be used to manage the Belkin range extender settings and services.

if you have brand new Belkin extender than skip the reset Part and Jump to the Installation portion of this Guide. But for those Who have an older Belkin extender please reset Belkin extender it Before you go For installation.

Reset Will Also help you to restore the factory default settings of Belkin range extender & Provide you the fresh start. it also makes Troubleshooting Belkin extender Problems easy.

After Reset of your Belkin extender, You can Setup Belkin extender as you wish.

Reset Belkin range extender

1. Find the circular button marked “Reset” on the back of your Extender.

Reset belkin range extender

2. Use a pin or paperclip and press the “Reset” button.

3. Hold the “Reset” button down for 10-15 seconds & see all light flashing on the extender.

4. Release the Reset button & Reboot the Belkin extender.

5. Wait for one minute for your range extender to fully Reboot and restore the factory setting.

Now your Belkin extender has been Fully Reset and Ready to be Configured & installed. Now Lets Go And setup Your Belkin Range extender –

Tip – You Can find the default username & password in the box of your New Belkin extender or Look at the label at the bottom of your Belkin extender.

at Any Point, you feel that you may need help or assistance with Belkin extender please go to free extender and router assistance to get easy and free basic troubleshooting instructions.

Setup Belkin range extender

  • plug Your range Extender To power And Restart Your Computer.
  • once both devices Are rebooted You can See a network By the name of Belkin.setup or any new Belkin extender name, please Connect With it if it is not password protected.
  • Now Open Your Browser And It Will automatically Take yours to Belkin Extender Setup Page.

Tips:-In Case You Don’t see Belkin extender setup Page Please Type  http://Belkin.range or to access the Console.

  • Follow The Instruction And Select Your Wireless Network Name And Type The Password And Hit Next.
  • Once Your Extender Is Configured You Can Place It Anywhere In Your House and Get Your Extended Network All Over Your Home.

In Case If This Fails You Can Also Install Range Extender Using WPS Method.

Read More About – Understand Belkin.range & Install it With Smartphone

Use Smartphone to install Belkin extender 

  • Plug the Belkin range extender into a power outlet.
  • Use your mobile device or computer to browse the available networks and select the Belkin setup from the list.

in any case, if the Belkin.setup won’t show up to your computer please refresh the available network list again. You can also troubleshoot Belkin range extender if there is an issue with installation.

Launch Your Web browser and navigate to http://Belkin.range

  • Just click Get Started on Belkin’s setup Web page.
  • Now select your home’s WiFi name from the list of available networks.
  • Enter your WiFi network’s password when prompted and select next.
setup belkin range extender
  • Select your WiFi network once again, click Next, and then click Create Extended Network.
  • You can set up a new username and password for your range extender as you wish.

Setup Belkin Range Extender Using WPS

  • Power on the Wifi router and belkin range extender and be setup ready.
  • Push and hold the WPS button on your Belkin range extender for five seconds.
belkin extender wps key
  • release the key and look at your extender light you see flashing lights on.
  • Indicating WPS has been initiated. Push and hold the WPS button on your home’s router within two minutes of initiating WPS on the extender.

The final configuration will be completed automatically between the two devices from there.


See If your device supports it, you’ll typically find this PIN either on the product label — usually on the back or bottom of the router itself — or within your router’s configuration utility.
Since it varies based on manufacturer and model, refer to your product’s documentation for more information.

  • Launch the Web browser on your computer or mobile device and navigate to http://belkin.range
  • Now Click Wi-Fi Protected (WPS) under Extended Network Settings, Then enter your device’s WPS PIN in the Enter Client Device PIN field.
  • Please Click Enroll to complete the configuration.

Find more information on extender setup at  https://techvaidya.com/setup-belkin-range-extender/

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 we hope this will help you out to configure your Belkin range extender. there is One More Method One Can Use to Configure Belkin Extender If Wireless Method Fails to Work 

Use Ethernet Cable to Install Belkin Extender – 

Most of the steps are Quite Same as we have explained in this Post But the Connection Type is Bit Different. Let’s say if you are not able to Connect With Belkin.setup network Or If you can’t access Belkin extender Configuration dashboard than its Really important that you try this method – 

You Need wireless Enabled Laptop with Full Browser, a 2 Meter Internet Cable (Ethernet Cable) & Follow these steps – 

1. plug the Belkin extender to the Power & Plug the Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port of your Belkin extender & From the second End of Ethernet Connect Your Laptop. Turn off the Wireless Capability (Switch) off. Connect Ethernet cable with belkin extender

2. Open the  Browser and type http://Belkin.range to access the settings. use the default Login Given Below Extender to access the settings

Enter belkin.range

3. Rest all settings are the same as given above Just follow the Onscreen Guide. after Setting Up Extender Place it anywhere Within 30-40 feet From Main Router.

4. 😉 Please comment below and let us know if you have any other problem with your Belkin range extender.

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