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Norton Setup –

In Order to Perform Perfect Norton Activation And Installation One Should Perform These three Steps

  • Norton Activation & Account Creation –
  • Download Norton Setup & Installation
  • Update & Configure Norton Antivirus

Important Tips: – Dear Norton user You must Uninstall any other antivirus Or an Older version of Norton Antivirus For user experience and performance

Please Use Norton Removal Tool to Remove any older Or expired version.

Download Here: – Norton Removal Tool

Now let’s Get Started And Setup Norton Antivirus But First Activate Norton Antivirus –

Norton Activation Using Product Key –

Dear Friends If you have purchased Norton antivirus From Online Website Or Retail Store Then they may have Given You a Retail Card with a 25 digit Activation Code and You can use this Activation Code to activate Norton antivirus Online.

www.Norton.com/setup is just a web Portal Owned And Operated By Norton. where You can submit your activation code. You Can Also Get the Norton antivirus Downloaded and Setup Norton Antivirus.

How to Use www.Norton.com/setup –

Dear Folks Follow these Instructions to Install and manage Norton antivirus –

Friends We need a Norton account to manage Norton antivirus services and redeem the activation key Please follow –

  • Please Open Your Internet Browser Like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Use this Link  http://www.norton.com/setup and Click On Enter a Product Key
  • Now Create a Norton Account Which is Free Or Login with Your Norton Account if you Already have One. Norton Accounts Helps You to Modify, Download And Manage Norton Services.
  • Please Follow the steps Now and redeem 25 Digit Norton activation Code.
Enter your norton product key
  • Download the Norton antivirus and Install Norton antivirus protection.
Download norton antivirus
  • After installing the Norton antivirus software Please Restart the computer.
  • Update Your Norton Antivirus to the Latest Version.
  • Run a full system Scan and Remove all viruses and malware corruption.

Watch The Norton Activation On Youtube Video Please Visit –

You Must Know That Using the Right Website is Very Important For Norton Activation So You Don’t Fall In Tech support Scams while You are Trying to Protect Your Computer using Norton antivirus.

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Don’t Fall In Trouble with wrong Web portal-
Friends There Are Lot of websites On the internet that Claims to Help and Give You a page where You can redeem Your Norton antivirus Card and get Norton downloaded In your system.

Beware –  These websites can Steal You Norton  antivirus activation code

Using One of this Website Can Create Problems and you can lose Your Product Key and You may End up paying High Cost paying for Norton Antivirus Installation and activation.

Some More Tips –

  • Use Your default Browser for Norton setup to get the Norton toolbar.
  • Remove Any Other Antivirus Program Because that may Conflict with Norton antivirus.
  • Try Restarting Your Computer after any antivirus removal.

Still, If You Got the Problem See What Norton has to say about this

Read: – Norton Official Website Guide And Help

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