Quick Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Related Problems

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Dear Norton Antivirus Users we Know that Running anti-virus Scans or computers Or tablets is a Very essential Part of Your Daily Computer Usage. We know that Lately There has been a huge Rise In viruses and malware Attacks.

Today In this Guide We have Given You all the methods to help you with Norton antivirus troubleshooting and solutions.

We have Tried To cover most of the Problems Related to Norton antivirus regardless of the Norton version. Please read till the end And see if this Helps You to Fix the Issue that Concerns you-

Common Norton Antivirus Problems

Below are some of the most reported and asked Questions related to Norton antivirus problems. you can find your accurate problem and their solution is given depending on the problem you may have with Norton products.

  • Norton Setup And Product Activation
  • Norton Won’t open or Antivirus keeps crashing
  • How to Fix Norton Internet Problems
  • the Norton Product Key not Working
  • Does Norton protection slow down computers?
  • Why Norton Security Scan not Working
  • How to Transfer Norton Antivirus to Another Device
  • How to Recover lost Norton Key
  • How to Avoid Norton scams

While Giving You all this information we want you to know that these steps can work on all Norton antivirus editions like Norton 360 antivirus, Norton internet security Or Norton premier, etc.

Let’s Start with Basic Norton antivirus troubleshooting and dig deeper into the steps-

Norton Setup and installation Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble installing Norton antivirus or getting any error while activating the noton then this is how you fix it.

  • Remove any Previous Norton installation that you have done and restart the computer.
  • make sure you have the 25-digit Norton activation code for activation or if you have a Norton account
  • check the internet stability and computer firewall, and check the subscription status.
  • fluctuating internet connection or internet drop may cause trouble while installing the software.

go to our detailed guide for Norton setup to start the configuration.

How to Fix Norton Won’t Open And crashing

Friends If your Norton Antivirus Program is Not Working then You must Try All these fixes to Your Norton antivirus.

  • First Restart the Computer In Safe Mode with Networking (using F8 )
Advanced boot options
  • Try Opening the Norton antivirus Program and Updating the latest version of your antivirus.
  • Run A full Norton Antivirus Scan and Try turning Your computer In Normal Mode.

Read the more detailed guide on Norton antivirus crashing or not opening.

if you still face Norton won’t open then it’s best you uninstall the software and then reinstall it.

How to Uninstall Norton Antivirus

before you remove Norton antivirus from your computer or phone please make sure you know the login details to login your Norton account.

active Norton subscription and access to login will allow you to download the Norton antivirus again with the same subscription.

Use this Norton Removal Tool click Here Norton Removal Tool and Download this tool, This Will Help You to Uninstall Norton Antivirus Program, and then You can Install and download Norton antivirus Again.

Download Norton Antivirus Program

After You have Uninstalled The Previous Norton Antivirus Version You need to download Your Norton antivirus Product again. Please follow the steps –

  • Login To your Norton Account
  • After Login At the right-hand Top, You Can See My Norton click On it.
  • Now Download the Norton antivirus and setup it up Like a new Product.

Read More: – How to Setup Norton antivirus in my computer?

Dear Folks while fixing all these Problems with Norton we have noticed that many users Lost their Internet Connection.

Check out this Quick Guide to get the Internet Connection back after Norton installation –

Fix Norton Antivirus Internet Related Problems

There Can be many reasons where Your Internet Stopped working after Norton antivirus installation but mostly it can be because of technical glitches and conflicting software.

if the Norton antivirus update fails then it could cause an internet outage. you don’t need to uninstall the Norton to get the internet back just disable the Norton antivirus for some time and update the Norton antivirus when the internet is back.

Please Follow the steps and see if that helps to fix Your Internet Connection-

Turn Off Norton Antivirus Firewall

  • First Close all Programs and Restart The Computer.
  • We Need to Disable the Norton Firewall Temporarily –
  • Please Start your Computer and Open the Norton product.
  • Go to Settings.
norton dashboard
  • Under Detailed Settings, click Firewall.
norton firewall
  • On the General Settings tab, next to Smart Firewall, click the slide to turn it Off.
turn off Norton firewall
  • In the Protection Alert dialog box, from the drop-down menu, click Apply and then select Permanently
apply norton settings
  • apply and OK and make sure the Firewall is Turned Off.
  • Now Restart the Computer and Go to Norton again
  • Make Sure You Update the Latest Version Of your Norton antivirus.
  • After the Update, You Can Turn On the Norton Firewall.

Check https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v65845544

Does Norton protection slow down computers?

Now the question many have asked is the Norton slows down the computer the answer is yes and No.

you see Norton is a light software that runs and updates mostly from the cloud to put less pressure on the computer however if you have a low configuration computer like i3 with 2GB ram then it may slow down the system.

if your computer Please read the detailed Post on Fix norton slowing down the computer or other devices.

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