in this post let us help you activate, install & manage Norton antivirus & its services. there are several types of Norton antivirus such as Norton internet security, Norton 360 antivirus, Norton antivirus plus, etc. we will also help you with Norton antivirus troubleshooting should your Installation fail or You need additional help.

in Old times there were C.D for installation of Norton antivirus but things have changed with Mordorn technology. Now things have Become way Easier when done Right in the Order. Let’s Understand-

Norton Setup

In Order to Perform Perfect Norton Activation And Installation One Should Perform These three Steps

  • Norton Activation & Account Creation.
  • Download Norton Setup & Installation.
  • Update & Configure Norton Antivirus Protection

Important Tips: – You must Uninstall any other antivirus Or an Older version of Norton Antivirus For the Better user experience and performance of Norton antivirus. Know Things to Do before Installing Norton Antivirus

Please Use Norton Removal Tool to Remove any older Or expired version. Download Here: – Norton Removal Tool

Now since you are done pre-Norton installation preparation lets Move to Norton activation Process.

Norton Activation With Product Key

When you buy Norton antivirus From a Retail Store Like Walmart Or Best Buy Store they Provide you With a Norton Product Card. this Retail Card contains 25 digit Activation Code and You can use this Activation Code to activate Norton antivirus Online.

in case you have bought Norton antivirus Online then you must have received an email containing Norton product key.use to activate the Norton antivirus.

How to Use is just a web Portal Owned And Operated By Norton. where You can submit your activation code. You Can Also Get the Norton antivirus Downloaded and Setup Norton Antivirus.

Please Follow these Instructions to Install and manage Norton antivirus –

Friends We need a Norton account to manage Norton antivirus services and redeem the activation key.

  • Please Open Your Internet Browser Like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Use this web Browser and type and Click On Enter a Product Key
  • Now Create a Norton Account Which is Free Or log in with Your Norton Account if you already have one. Norton Accounts Helps You to Modify, Download And Manage Norton Services.
  • Please Follow the steps Now and redeem 25 Digit Norton activation Code.
 norton product key
  • Once the Key is activated Go to Norton Account and Download the Norton antivirus, then Install Norton Antivirus Protection for Your computers, Phone, and tablet (according to your subscription)
Download norton antivirus
  • After installing the Norton antivirus software Please Restart the computer.
  • Update Your Norton Antivirus to the Latest Version.
  • Run a full system Scan and Remove all viruses and malware corruption.

Watch The Norton Activation in case you need visuals explaining to Understand Norton Setup.

Installing Norton antivirus

Understand that Norton Product activation is the hard part. once you are done with product activation and once you have downloaded the Norton antivirus its a piece of cake Now.

  • Run the Norton software you have download from your account.
  • Make sure you use admin account of your computer to Run the Program
  • Follow the Onscreen instructions and customize the Norton antivirus scan and services according to your needs.
  • Let the Norton antivirus take over Windows Firewall or any Other security you may have for computer Protection.
  • Activating Norton safe Browser is totally up to you.

After the Installation Please Restart the Computer and make sure the internet is connected and working.

Update the Norton antivirus to the latest version available. in case if your Norton update fails please fix it before you continue.

after the update Please Restart your computer. run a full Norton scan on your computer check for any computer virus, junks, and malware.

What if Norton activation Or Setup Fails

Now, in any case, should your Norton antivirus activation Or Configuration fails Or Norton antivirus Crashes and Freezes Please Try steps Given below-

  • Restart the Computer Or the device you were trying to install Norton too.
  • Uninstall the Norton antivirus from the system and use the Norton removal tool.
  • Restart the system again and log in to Your Norton account.
  • Make sure you download the Product you have purchased and download the correct version of Norton antivirus.
  • Download the Product and reinstall Norton antivirus.
  • Contact Norton support for any troubleshooting or Help to Fix the problem.

Still, If You Got the Problem See What Norton has to say about this

Read: – Norton Official Website Guide And Help

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