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How to Activate McAfee Antivirus Using Retail Card ?

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this is an updated version of this guide with all the latest information which is required to activate, set up and manage McAfee antivirus. if this post you will learn to use and redeem the McAfee product key

Skip the first part of this article if you have already purchased the product but stay tuned till last to get the accurate information on complete McAfee setup and activation.

Buy Mcafee Antivirus

McAfee is one of the best and leading antivirus software available in the market, you can buy the product from an online mcafee store or get it from any retail store such as best buy.

once you have purchased the antivirus online you will get a confirmation with details on your email or if you have purchased it from a store they will provide a retail card containing a 25-digit activation code.

when you buy the McAfee antivirus from untrusted sources they might provide you with cracked and untrusted versions of the software with no real-time update and malware protection.

Remove any other antivirus programs and older versions of the same software to avoid any software conflict or failed installation error.

Now let’s go to the activation and setup part using

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus with Retail Card?

If you have Already Bought the McAfee antivirus then You can Activate it in just a few simple and quick steps. make sure you have the 25-digit activation retail card or check the mail for the activation code if you have purchased it online.

Note- you can use a phone and computer device to activate McAfee software but we suggest you activate the product on a computer and later download it on other devices.

Let’s Go And activate McAfee antivirus Protection –

  • Open Your web browser and at the top of the browser Type
  • Enter Your 25 Digit Activation Code And Submit.
  • Please Create a McAfee Account In the next Step. Sign Up with Your email
  • McAfee Account will Help You to Install And Manage Your McAfee Antivirus Services.
install McAfee on pc
  • Now You Can Install Your McAfee antivirus protection
  • For Best Installation make sure You Remove any other Antivirus Program From your Computer.
  • After Installing Your McAfee antivirus Please Restart Your Computer.
  • Please Run A full McAfee Antivirus Scan And Check For Viruses.

if you have purchased McAfee antivirus for multiple devices then please login to your McAfee account using the particular device and download the product.

once the product has been downloaded Please run the program to open it and agree to the user agreement. follow the onscreen instruction to setup McAfee antivirus.

Update the Mcafee software

as soon as you install the McAfee antivirus please don’t forget to update the product to the latest version of the software to get real-time enhanced protection round the clock.

set the antivirus to run the auto scan on the choosing of your time every week for better results. we may not recommend using the McAfee web advisor as per user feedback from our reader but it’s ok if you want to use it.

if you need further help with McAfee setup and activation please contact support to get instant help with support.

Friends Let us tell You a Few Other Tips That help you avoid any trouble with McAfee setup and product activation.

There are many fishy websites and computer pop-ups that may cause problems with your antivirus activation and setup, please Find out here how to stop Mcafee pop ups and notifications ads.

What is

it’s just an online portal for McAfee users to access and redeem the McAfee activation code. to use this web address you must always type it on the URL box of the browser or else it will take you to a google search and you might not find the website you are looking for.

before you insert the product activation code always make sure the website is the official McAfee website or else you may end up sharing the product code with unwanted fishing websites that run ads on google and bing.

Scam Alert

There are Many Websites On the internet That Claims to Help You Setup and Activate your McAfee antivirus. But They Never Do instead they redirect you to fishing websites to trap you in scams or steal your information.

These Websites have Been Planted To Steal Your Information And Product Key please Beware Before Inserting Your Product Key. Please read more about How to avoid Norton mcafee online scams

Always Go to To Install And Activate Your McAfee Antivirus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus for Free?

the activation Process of Mcafee antivirus is totally free however if you are looking for a free subscription then you should get the Mcafee antivirus trial version before you buy it.

Why is my Mcafee Product key is not working?

the logical explanation would be that the product key has been already used once and can’t be used twice however in many cases it seems that you may have mistyped or typed it at the wrong website. Always use the official Mcafee website for Mcafee product activation.

Can i use Mcafee Antivirus for Phone and ios devices

Yes based on your subscription you can use Mcafee antivirus on android/ios devices as well. the activation and account creation can be done on phone as well.

How can i Transfer my Mcafee subscription to Other devices

Login to the Mcafee account and remove the devices from the device list, if possible please uninstall Mcafee from the device and then download the Mcafee from the Mcafee account to the new device.

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