Gateway Laptop

Why Sound is Not Working in Gateway laptop ?

Fix Gateway Laptop Sound In Simple Steps


Here is some process to get your gateway laptop sound back try to run Windows Update -it includes the generic drivers for your sound device.
Try to clean your computer from the bugs and install a genuine antivirus and scan your full computer.

Sound device disabled/disconnected?

  • Right-click the speaker icon on your task bar
  •  Select “Playback Devices”
  •  In the white empty space right click and select both Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices
  •  Do you see icons for your speakers and headphones now?
  •  If you now see it you may need to right click on the correct sound device and select “Set as default device”

Try to restart services.

  • Start program>run
  • Type “services.MSC”
  • Look for Windows Audio and double click on it.
  • Start-Up type should be Automatic
  • Startup Status should appear Started and if not, press the start button.
  • Click on Apply and OK. restart your laptop.

You can also try the Troubleshooter.

  •  Click ‘Start’ > Select ‘Control Panel’> click on troubleshooting. or
  •  Type troubleshooting in the top-right search field > Select ‘Troubleshooting’
  •  Click ‘Hardware and Sound’ > Select ‘troubleshoot Audio Playing, ‘
    and follow the command.

Try to update/re-install driver-

  • Click on START>
  •  DEVICE MANAGER>  Installed device,
  • Click to open the device,  UPDATE DRIVER.
    if not working in an update then try to uninstall your sound driver and re-install it again.
    then Reboot your system.

Try to add device by manually.

  • Go to Control Panel, Add hardware, next
  •  “Yes, I’ve already connected the hardware”, next
  •  Scroll to the bottom of the list, choose “Add a new hardware device”, next
  •  “Install the hardware from a list”, next
  •  Choose “Sound, video and game controllers”, next
  •  Choose Intel, and then the Intel AC’97 Audio Controller (It is the last one on the list)
  • Yes, Gateway says it’s a Conexant audio device.
  • Check out this you tube video to fix the sound issue –

System restore –

if all above step is not working then try to restore your system to the point just before u lost your sound :
Start/ All the programs /Accessories /System Tools /System Restore.

Follow  Reset windows computer to factory settings

🙂 I hope this will help you out to get your sound back if not then it might be the hardware issue. comment below for any other help

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