How to recover Forgotten Belkin WiFi password

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forgot the Belkin router password? recovering the password is not like resetting the password or changing the password for the Belkin wifi network. in this post, we will help you retrieve forgotten Belkin router passwords without doing a reset on Belkin router settings.

We understand that most of the time you start looking up wifi passwords is only when you are trying to connect a new device to wireless networks. Rest assured you will find all the help you need to connect a new device in this post.

Why Recover Instead of Reset

Most of the time, when faced with password issues Belkin users, tend to reset the whole router instead of password reset. When you reset the Belkin router all settings go back to default settings, all devices get disconnected that are connected with old wifi password and all Existing settings of your Kindle, Roku, Or Blue-ray player.

in this post, we help you look up the Belkin wifi password without resetting or changing the Belkin router password without resetting the router.

Before we start doing the Belkin wifi password recovery Please make sure a few things- 

  • You Must Know How to Login Belkin router dashboard¬†
  • any computer or phone with a full browser must be connected to Belkin router.
  • Default details to access Belkin router console such as default IP, username, password.

Now let’s start to recover forgotten Belkin passwords step by step –

Connect Belkin Router to Computer

  • Use an Internet Cable to connect the First Lan Port of your Belkin router with your computer or see if you can connect a computer Or smartphone with Belkin wifi using the wireless connection.
  • In Case you don’t have a cable or you can’t make the connection with the router anyway then you are left with 2 options –
  • Reset the Router Or Ask Someone in Your Home Who has the existing password.
  • If the Internet is Gone and if Belkin router is not working Please start performing troubleshooting.

Assuming you can make a cable or wireless connection with your Belkin router, please login to the Belkin router for password lookup.

Recover Belkin Router Password

If You Are Connected With Belkin Router Just Try These Steps –

  • turn on the Belkin router and power it on, Go to your computer or phone.
  • To Access Belkin Router Web Interface Open your internet Browser aand Type And Hit Enter.
  • When asked to insert the default username & password for the Belkin router ( Look at the back of the router for details)
belkin router lable
  • it does not ask for a username and password just Click On Login And Without Typing Any password Just Hit Login.
  • Now Go to Wireless On Left Hand Side And Click On Security There¬†You Can See Your Belkin Password.
router advanced settings
  • Pre-shared Key (PSK ) Is Your Currant Password For Belkin Router. Please Uncheck  Obscure Psk And See Your Belkin Password.
belkin router wifi password

Very Well,  Now You Know Your Belkin Router password Without Doing Any reset on your Belkin router.

Now You Can Connect Any Device Using the Same Wireless Password. You can change the password from here too However that is something you need to understand first so you don’t make complications.

always choose a strong password to secure Belkin router

in case none of the things worked for you & you still Can recover the Belkin password or you can connect the Belkin router Please restore Belkin settings to default and start fresh with the factory settings.

Reset Belkin Router

You Can Reset Belkin Password In Easy Steps By Resetting the Belkin router. Please Follow these Steps –

The best way to Reset the Belkin router Will Is to Hard reset the Belkin router.

  1. power on the Belkin router and wear rubber gloves for safety.
  2. Find any paper clip or pen Please Press The Reset Key at the back of your Belkin Router And Hold for 30 Sec Than Let it Go.
  3. Restart Your Belkin Router And Reconfigure Every setting Like a new router.

Belkin router setup is easy when done with recommended settings.

Belkin Router Password Tips

  • while installing Belkin wireless router please set up a complex password. Every time you set up a wifi password please keep it safe and written somewhere in case you forgot the Belkin router password again
  • Once you login to Belkin router Please Update the Belkin router firmware Before or after installing the router.
  • Setup a Router admin password so you control the administrative services of your Belkin router.

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  1. This site rocks !!!!!!, I had moved and all my pw’s were in a roll a dex and it’s yet to found, Bummer right . I got tired of tiring to find it and put how to recover Belkin pw and BAM!! got easy peasey now I’m back in action THANKS!!!

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