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Is Your Belkin Router Has Stopped working After storm Or Power Outage ?

You Must Be surprised How all of the Sudden your Belkin router has stopped working ?

Don’t Worry We Can Fix This problem together In Just Few Minutes

Just Follow these Basic Troubleshooting First –

Troubleshooting Belkin Router –

  • Please Unplug Your Belkin Router And Modem From Power Outlet .
  • Disconnect the Internet Cable Between Belkin router And Modem (Internet Services Provider ) .







  • Restart Your Computer And Wait For 1 minutes
  • Plug Everything Back And Turn The Router And Modem On .

Now Try to connect with Internet See if that Helps –

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Guys If You Still See Your Router With No Internet Access Than We Think Its Time To Reset Your Belkin Router And Setup it Again .

Reset And Reconfigure Belkin router –

This Is Common And Well Know Step To Fix Most of Router Problems

  • Use A Paperclip Or Pen To Reset Belkin Router .
  • Press And  The Reset Key At The Back Of Your Router For 30 seconds
  • Restart Your Belkin router and Modem and Re-setup Your Belkin router .

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Once You Have Setup Your Router Please Be Sure to Update the Firmware Inside Your Belkin Router .


No Power Light In Belkin Router –

Friends Most of the time After Trying Everything you see no light Or No internet connection in your Belkin router .

Please Perform Hard Reset On Belkin router 1 more Time And Try to See if that Help to fix Belkin router .

Try Updating firmware Of Your Belkin router

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Tips And Tricks 

Don’t Forget To Restart Your Belkin Router After Reset , Setup and Update.

Don’t Reset Your Modem Unless Your I.S.P recommends you .

Please Contact Internet Provider In Case You Still Have No Internet Connection .

See if All This Information Helps you to Fix Belkin router Common Issues .

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