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Belkin Range Extenders Are one of the best Home extender . In this post we will describe what is belkin.range and how to configure and install belkin range extender .

Lets Get Started and find out  –

What is Belkin.range ?  –

folks Many People have asked this Question While Installing Belkin Extender Let Us Explain That

  1. Belkin.range is a Local Web portal That Helps you to Connect And Setup Range Extender Administration .
  2. You Can Install And Configure Your Belkin Range Extender With Help Of Belkin.range .
  3. When You Are Connected With Belkin.setup Which Is a default Network Name for Belkin extender Please Type belkin.range in the url of your Browser to change settings of your Extender .
  4. Belkin extender is An Plug And Play Device and Belkin.range makes it Easy And simple

Without Confusing you let me Expalin how to Setup Belkin extender –

Tip – Keep In Mind That You Can setup the extender With Any Of your device With Full Browser And Wireless Capability .

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Setup And Configure Belkin Range Extender –

  1. Just Unbox Your Extender And Plug it to the Power outlet and turn it on .
  2. Now Go to Your Computer Or Phone And Refresh The Network List , Their You Can See a Unsecured Network By The Name Of Belkin.setup . Please Connect with it .







3- Once Connected it should Automatically   Take you to configuration Portal .  If Not than open Any Browser Like chrome , safari , firefox Or Internet Explorer And Type “http://belkin.range”



4- Now it Will Search For network name Around the extender Please select your Main Router Network and hit Next 

5- Type the password of your main router and Tap Next  . You Can Also Create New SSID (network name) and Password for Your Belkin extender  if you wish .

6- if your Extender is a DUAL Band extender you Can Have Both Like 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Network .

7 – After Setup Please Restart You Router AND extender To Apply The Settings .

Now You Have Your Extender Working . You Can Place your extender to the extension of your Existing main network Or Anywhere Middle of the house .

According to belkin it can increase your network up to an additional of 5,000 square feet .

You Can Also Configure Range extender with the help of WPS kEY .

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