How to Setup Norton 360 antivirus in my computer ?

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Norton 360 antivirus protection is as good as any other Norton antivirus. in this guide we help you understand how you can install and set up Norton 360 antivirus.

it would be the best practice to remove any older or expired version of Norton antivirus software from the computer system before moving further.

How to start with Norton?

if you have never used Norton antivirus before you can just start by making an account. assuming you have already purchased Norton antivirus from a store or online.

if you have purchased the code from best buy or any other store then please make sure you have the 25-digit product code. in case of online purchase please go to your email and locate the activation code.

Note- Please make this email important and keep this might come in handy in case of account or product failure.

Remove any other antivirus product from the system and go for Norton activation with the product key first.

here is how you can do it-

Redeem Norton Activation Retail Card

  • Just go to norton website and now type the code (25 digits )
  • Now you can log in to your account and download the Norton setup and get the Norton to install on your computer using the instructions
  • Great, now you have successfully installed the Norton antivirus on your computer please restart and run a full Norton scan on your computer. you can always change the settings of your Norton antivirus using the Norton console.
  • Sometimes while installing the Norton it May gives you errors. Please try uninstalling any other antivirus before setup Norton.
  • Remove any older version of Norton antivirus before you setup Norton with the latest version or any other version.

Manage the account

if you have an older Norton account with multiple device subscriptions then you may not need to buy the Norton antivirus just log in to the Norton account and transfer the Norton to another computer.

if the last computer had Norton and it’s not working anymore you can login into the Norton account and remove the subscription from the device and add a different computer to the protection.

always download the accurate version of the software you have paid for and make sure you run the first scan as soon as it is installed.

after the installation restart the computer and once it’s back on please update the software to the latest version before you run the first scan.

in case you get into any trouble please use the Quick Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Related Problems guide to help you get rid of any trouble with security software.

Dear Folks, We have noticed that sometimes Computer Gets Slow After You install Norton Antivirus or any other software. Please optimize the computer according to the software needs.

Please comment below and let us know if you have any other questions regarding Norton 360 antivirus setup. We thank You For reading at

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  1. I do believe that 360 antivirus software are perfect for extreme protection from viruses, spywares and other internet threats. I would better suggest to go for some sought of antivirus software which can be used to recover lost data.

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