Why Avg Antivirus Won’t Open? Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working

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Today In This Post We Will Help You How to Troubleshoot Avg Antivirus And Its Related Problems. many users face trouble with antivirus programs every Now and then, if your avg Antivirus won’t open or does not respond as it should Please read this post till last to get your avg antivirus working again.

before we begin on the matter it’s best to find out the possible cause behind the problem and understanding the avg problems would make it quite easy to fix.

Why AVG Antivirus is not working?

In the case of avg antivirus, There can be many reasons behind your avg antivirus not working or the user interfaces not opening issue either AVG is expired or your system is infected by a virus.

Here is the list of possible reasons that could cause this problem-

  • Outdated Avg Antivirus Software
  • Missing Core Files within Antivirus
  • Subscription is Expired or other security software Conflict
  • Wrongful Settings Mismatch

Now that you know the possible reasons behind this avg antivirus problem let’s continue to solve it.

Fix Avg Antivirus Won’t open Problem

  • If your computer is infected with a virus, malware, or spyware, it may be preventing AVG antivirus from running correctly. in windows computer.
  • Restart your computer and boot up into safe mode by swiping in from the top right corner of your screen,
  • clicking “Settings,”
  • select “PC Settings. And click “Update and recovery”
  • Then click “recovery” “then under the advanced startup”
  • Click “Restart now
  • When your computer restarts, choose “Safe Mode With Networking” And Hit Enter.
  • After Windows is done loading, launch AVG, select your virus scan preferences,
  • Click “Start Scan” to run a virus scan.
  • Any infections found on your computer are sent to AVG’s Virus Vault for quarantine or deletion.

When the scan is complete, Restart your computer, boot into Windows normally,

Check your computer installed program list and make sure no other antivirus security software is installed on the devices that could cause any further conflict with avg antivirus protection.

I hope this will help you out If Not Than Keep Reading Further –

if your Avg Antivirus is Not Active

Dear Friends Sometime Avg Antivirus Firewall And Other Components Show Disable Or They Turn Red That Means There is Some Issue With Antivirus.

Let’s Try a Few Quick Steps To Resolve This Problem –

  • Please Close Avg And Restart Your Computer.
  • Now Launch Avg And Update The Latest Version Of Avg Antivirus.
  • After the Update Try Close The Avg And Restart Your Computer.

See If This Works And Get Avg Running. If Above All Steps Did Not Help Please Follow These Instructions

Troubleshooting Avg Protection

Dear users, there is a possibility that during a System update or any other application update some of the avg antivirus files got corrupted or missing and it would result in avg antivirus not responding problem.

to Solve these issues you are left with 2 choices, Repair or Uninstall/Re-install

you can use the Standard method of Removing the avg from the installed application list however you can also use avg removal tool to get rid of avg.

  • Now We Will Have To Uninstall The Avg And All Its Components.
  • Download Avg Removal Tool Here http://www.avg.com/us-en/utilities
  • Install And Run This Tool, Select Your Avg Product And Remove It.
  • It May Takes 10 to 15 minutes to Remove Avg And All Its Components.
  • Please Restart Your Computer Once The Removal Is Done.
  • Now You Can Download And Install Your Avg Antivirus To Your Computer Again.
  • See If This Helps And Get Your Avg Working Again.

here is the detailed guide on how to uninstall avg antivirus and start fresh.

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  1. Finally tried System Restore to start of day. Appeared to work fine, except Action Centre reported no Antivirus running. Tried restarting from there. Got ‘Do you trust supplier’ message, clicked ‘Go Ahead’ – nothing!
    AVG has always been great in the past.

  2. Delete it from your pc download avg removal tool and uninstall avg and download again at your system.

  3. Hi,
    I have just uninstalled AVG free trial from my computer. it expired 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t purchase the updated version, as a result, I couldn’t log into some of my sites. I have uninstalled even the free version and yet I still cannot log into those sites. Can you help? really need it to work

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