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Are you not able to Find Belkin.setup in Your Network List While Installing Belkin extender? having Trouble Getting Belkin extender to Work with your router Or Anything Else? Whatever it is we got You the help you need.

Belkin extender is compatible will all types of router and wifi modems. Troubleshooting Belkin Range extender Can Be Simple If You Just Follow These Simple Steps –

  • Network/Internet checkups
  • Power cycle
  • Reset /restore settings
  • Reconfigure and change settings

Network/Internet checkups

  • The first thing of troubleshooting is Performing checkups on supporting devices.
  • Check cables connecting Modem and Router.
  • Make sure the internet is working with a wifi router and internet light is solid on the modem.

Power Cycle Belkin Range Extender

Most of the time a simple restart would help you solve the problem. If Your Belkin Range Extender Is Not Working Or Connecting To Your Router Please Follow this Instruction-

  • Unplug Your Belkin Extender From Power Outlet.
  • Restart Main Router And Modem.
  • Plug Your Range Extender Back To Power And Trying the Connecting Internet.

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Do You Still Get Issue Connecting Your Range Extender?Let’s Go And Reset Your Range Extender –

Reset Belkin Range Extender

In Order To Reset Your Extender Please Perform These Steps –

  • Power On Your Belkin Range  Extender  And Locate The Reset Hole At The Back Of Your Extender.
  • Use A Tiny Paperclip Or Pen To Reset Extender.
  • Press The Reset Key At The Back Of Your Belkin Range Extender Carefully
  • Keep Holding The Reset Key Until All Lights Start Blinking On Your Extender.


Reset belkin range ext
  • Restart Your Extender And Wait For One Minute.

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Once is the Belkin extender is reset you can perform installation like a brand new extender. Use wireless Or Wired method to setup Belkin extender if you choose. 

it would really help you if you choose to setup Belkin extender using cable because that way it will be easy to troubleshoot extender.

Reconfigure Belkin Extender –

Friends Once Your Extender is Reset You Can Do Fresh Installation  Of Your Belkin Range Extender –

  • Plug To The Power And Go to Your Computer.
  • You May Can See An Unsecured Network By The Name Belkin.setup.
  • Please Connect With It And Then Open Your Internet Browser.
  • Type Belkin.Range At The Top Your Browser and Hit Enter.
Now Once You Are Setup page Please Just Follow On Screen Instruction and start the setup of Linksys extender. You Can Change Your Language and accept the terms and Conditions and Hit Next.


  • Now You Will See Your Extender Setup Page Please Follow The Given Instruction to setup and Configure Your Extender.

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Make sure that after installation the firmware is updated for your extender. setup an admin password for the range extender so no one can change settings of your extender without your permission. 

After Setup Place Your Extender Somewhere In Middle Of The House So You Can Extend Your Wireless Internet All Over Your Home.

We Are Very Sure This Will Help You to Fix Your Belkin Extender. Please Comment Below And Lets Us Know If You Need Any Other Help to Fix Belkin Range extender.

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