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Why Asus laptop wireless internet is not working ?

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Dear Folks today we will teach you how to fix Asus laptop wireless Connection.

We will Guide You through all Quick steps to fix wireless internet Problem

Let’s Get started and understand the Asus wireless issue computer

Why Asus laptop won’t Connect to WiFi –

Friends what have noticed that most of the people facing this wireless connection Problem just after Windows Update.

It does not matter how you got this problem we are here to ensure that it’s going to be fixed as long as it’s not a hard ware problem.

First, follow these baby basic steps – 

  • Restart the Laptop and wait for 2 minutes.
  • Make Sure Router Is turned On and functioning.
  • Take a Good look at Your laptop Keyboard and make sure wireless switch is On.
  • Just Confirm that Your Laptop is In range Of your Router. (check the signal strength)

After you have Tried all these steps We Going to Try some More Troubleshooting Steps –

Updating The Wireless Driver of laptop-

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Updating the wireless Driver of you Asus laptop will help to fix bugs Or any other Problem in wireless adapter.

Follow Steps to Update the wireless driver

  • Go to Control panel And Click network and the internet.
  • Now Go to Network and Sharing Center 
  • Click Change adapter settings Select Wireless Network ( WiFi )
  • Please Right Click On wireless Adapter and go to Properties 
    Updating The Wireless Driver of laptop
  • Now Go to the Driver Section Under Properties and Click On update driver.
  • Let the Windows Search automatically the best Driver for your wireless adapter.
  • after you update the wireless driver restart the laptop and see if that works.

If this Works Great, But don’t worry if you were not able to update the driver.

We have one another way to updating the wireless adapter

Update the wireless adapter using device manager

Press the Windows Key with letter R at your keyboard Together and hold for 3 seconds and then let it go Now you will See A Box At left saying RUN.

  • In the Run Please Type Devmgmt.msc and Click OK
  • Now Please Go to the Network Adapter and expand it by clicking On it.
  • Right-Click On it And update the wireless Adapter settings and driver.

See If This Works And get this issue Resolved.

If this did not work Check the Firewall Settings and Reset the Internet Browser.

Friends You Can Also Uninstall the Wireless Adapter.

  • Go to the Respective Brand owner website and Download the latest driver available using Your Laptop Model Number.+
  • After Installing the latest wireless adapter Please Restart the Laptop.

Read More About FIX Windows laptop won’t connect to wireless to router 

You can Also Go to to ensure that you download the latest software available

More Tips to fix Asus laptop wireless Problems-

  • Try Updating the wireless router firmware
  • You can Also Try changing the wireless router password and encryption type
  • Sometimes You Antivirus Can also Block the internet Connection, make sure You update the latest b=version of your antivirus program.
  • Try changing the channel settings on your router
  • Please Perform a cleanup of your system and remove all junks and Corrupted files and Get the best performance out of it Please Follow GET SLOW WINDOWS COMPUTER FASTER IN 10 MINUTES

See if all this Help You to Fix the Problem

Please Comment Below if you still need Help with it.

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  • Right Click WiFi Connection Symbol on the bottom right corner of the Desktop

    Open Network and Sharing Center

    Click on Change Adapter Settings

    Right Click the Network Device showing Limited Connectivity

    Click Properties

    Click on the Configure Button

    Click on the Driver Tab

    Click on the Uninstall button

    Restart computer

    Windows Auto Installs the Driver

    Reconnect to router

    Problem Solved

  • At first you should check your Internet connection. Have it plugging properly or not. Then you check configuration setting and open your IE.

    Go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections tab

    Go to LAN settings.

    And adjust “Automatically detect settings”

    Also go to the advance tab and click the Restore Advance Settings button or you can reinstall your IE

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