How To Fix Toshiba Laptop Screen is Black –

here are some tips to fix out the black screen …

1- turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button.
2- unplug the computer and remove the battery.
3- Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds.
4- Release the button and plug in the computer.
5- Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery.
it will work fine if not then
try this…
search and Download the you tube video how to disassemble or assemble your  laptop model .
Remove the Processor , Ram , Cmos Battery & Clean the Fan clean everything. disassemble-laptop-06restart your laptop if not working.
then try this..
plugged it in to external monitor and see screen is working fine or not and set the display graphics back to HD mode with external monitor display. At least this tells me that it’s not an issue with the hardware.
Reboot your computer in safe mode. Go to the Start Menu and select:
All Programs -> System Tools -> System Restoresystem-restore-options1
Select a restore point dated prior to when the problem started , than Reboot.

You should now have your displays back. install a proper antivirus and scan your full computer and you can also run a Microsoft fix it tool  to check or fix the bugs.
at last the only thing i can recommend you is reset your windows laptop when you Toshiba laptop screen is black .

follow step by step to reset the windows computer-

while Toshiba laptop screen is black you can try booting computer in safe mode . restart the laptop and when your laptop is powering on tap on F8 few times rapidly . now you will see black screen with many options

just select the  safe mode with networking and boot your computer in safe mode . and than you can reset the computer .

for normal steps try and see if this helps to fix your problem .

please comment below and let us know if you have many more problems in laptop . thanks for Reading .