Exposed Norton & McAfee Antivirus Scams

Hello Everybody, Today in this post we will go into detail about Norton and Mcafee antivirus scams mostly, however, the same scams can happen to any users with any antivirus program.

Dear Friends, Norton Antivirus (Symantec)  And McAfee(Intel) Both Are Big Brands With Millions Of Users. Now A Days Few Group Of Scammers Is Doing Fraud Using the Brand name of Norton And McAfee.

Types of Antivirus Scams

Let Us Clear This Norton And McAfee Both Are Legit In This Matter and have nothing to do with the ongoing scam happening using their names.

  • Activation and setup,installation-related scams
  • Fake Antivirus Renewal Email Scams
  • Unwanted Fake Antivirus pop-ups
  • Mcafee and Norton Phone Scams

Now that we know the types of problems we can have let us tell you how these scam artists entrap you. A lot Of People Have Lost There Confidential Information, Activation Keys And Sometimes They Got There Computer Locked Up.

Antivirus Activation Scams

Dear Friends Those Who Buy Norton & McAfee Setup And Activation Key From the Retail Store Get A Retail Card Instead Of C.D.

Now in order to activate users search it on their browsers and instead of URL, they try to use the search results. search engines like google bing, yahoo, and MSN allow ads in search and these users take benefit of these services and trick search engines to mislead users to their spammy website that may look like your antivirus brand.

Fraud Alert

Common mistakes

  • Instead Of Typing In URL You Have Typed It On Search Bar.  This Was The First Mistake
  • Now, On Google And Bing, You Do See Many Search Results Saying Norton Setup, Norton Support, Or Norton Activation.                                                           
  • For McAfee Setup You May Use Or McAfee Setup Or McAfee Installation etc.
  • Most Of The Websites Which come At To The Search Results As Ads Are Fake If They Offer You Activation And Guide you To Setup up Norton And McAfee Antivirus.
  • These Websites Using Clocking Software Or Redirect Tools To Fool Google And Bing Bots.
  • Now Once You Click Any Of Those Fake Websites You Get A Page That May Offer You To Insert Your Activation Code. Like Given Image –

The Interesting Fact Is That Most Of The Time  Those Who Got Scammed Never Realise That They Have Been Scammed.

How activation Scam works

  • As Soon You Type Your Information This Page Redirect You To A Different Webpage Where You See Fake Error Message And Contact Numbers SO Called TOLL a FREE Helpline.
  • And When You Call Them They May Take Remote Control Of Your Computer Using Any Remote Software Tools.
  • They Will Show You A Fake Warnings And Would Make You Worry About Your Computer With Fake Sales Pitch
  • In The End, They Offer You A 2, 3 Year Subscription Of Their Services That May Cost You Around 400-500$ For Nothing.
  • Sometimes They Offer You Lifetime Subscription Please Don’t Fall For That Fraud.
  • They May Install Some Malicious Software Or Sometimes They May Lock Your Computer If You Decline To Pay That Amount.

This Is How This Antivirus Scam Works Please avoid these types of scams and always take service from official Norton or their support partners.

Norton and Mcafee Phone Scam

this type of antivirus scam is decreased over the years however there are still a few cold callers that may call you and tell you that you have some problem with antivirus and ask you to grant them remote access to their computer.

once they gain access they might try to make you believe that something is wrong with the antivirus and they are trying to fix the problem, however, in reality, they are the ones trying to take advantage of your innocence and trust.

the best way to deal with them is not to pick up their calls or not grant access to your devices to them. always grant access to official support only.

Antivirus Email Scams

fake Antivirus EmailScams are rising and big Cyber security antivirus brands are not immune to that. using Email blasting every day millions of emails are sent to people in English-speaking countries. somehow these scammers seem to have a big database and their email is identical to the original brand emails.

they try to trick you by creating an urgency to contact and the email might claim to have some kind of threat alert, subscription-Renewal Notice, or refund money. Please Do not fall into the trap and do not call unless you check the subscription of your product in case of help contact official support.

you can also verify the email and make sure it’s from your antivirus brand

Fake Norton and Mcafee Pop-ups

Now, this is tricky but easy to handle when you know the right tips. Antivirus software may send you legit pop-ups and notifications in case of any problem with the information required at your end however the scammers may mimic the same to trap you.

if the pop-ups are easy to close and do not block the screen then it could be legit however if the screen is being frozen and pop-ups is not being closed then it could be the trick of scam artists.

you can also limit or stop legit stop Mcafee pop ups in case if you get annoyed by them.

How To Protect  Yourself Against Antivirus scam

Always Use Norton And McAfee Official Websites To Activate Your Antivirus Product.

Verify The Website And Make Sure You Call Only Norton Support.

verify your website

Clean Your Browser And Computer Once In While

Already Got Scammed?

If You Are Reading This Post And You Feel You Have Been Cheated The Same Way Then You Must Contact Them And Ask For a Refund.

They May Try To Convince You But Stay Firm On What You Know.

  • If They Decline Please Contact Your Bank And Tell Them, the whole Story.
  • File A Chargeback Against Them With Your Bank And Report Them To Forums and Websites.
  • You Can Also Report F.T.C And Any Local Law Enforcement Police.

See If All This Helps You To Get Your Problem Fixed. Please, You Must Share This Post To Spread The Word Around You.

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  1. Ms. Lynnette Capriotti

    This just happened to my daughters new computer. I feel I can’t trust anybody anymore.

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