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Let me start by saying it’s a Great Product that You have. When Microsoft came Into PC making it is the greatest product in all of them that they have made.

It’s Normal to have Problems with computers as they are machines design to make our job easier. But let’s not get distracted by this talk now we need to focus Why Microsoft Surface won’t connect to a wireless network?

Microsoft Surface won’t connect to wireless-

Dear Microsoft Users,

Friends I know the being Eager is good but when you do things you don’t know you may End up with more issues in your hand.

let’s focus on this Problem –

Even if you can’t see any wireless network or if you are not able to connect your Microsoft surface to wireless internet I will recommend you to try these steps first as baby steps –

  • Restart the wireless router and restart the Microsoft surface pro
  • After that make sure other wireless devices are working (just to make sure wireless Router is fine )
  • Try connecting with the internet if you can see the wireless network
  • Make sure you Remember the password of your wireless network in order to connect with wireless

after trying all this if this was not helpful then keep Reading

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Microsoft Surface won’t show any wi-fi –

Folks When you can’t see any wireless network In your Microsoft Surface then You should Try these steps –

  • Download the drivers and install it. Please Restart the Device after installation.  See if that fixes the issue.

If all this Did Not fix the Issue we will Recommend You to Restore Your system to an Earlier version of windows.

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See if this Help to Connect Your Microsoft Surface to wireless Network.

Please Comment Below and let us Know if Your Microsoft Surface won’t connect to wireless After all these Steps.

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