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this post is going to help you understand and fix many Zyxel router problems. we would like to make you understand that communication of wireless router and modem depends on many things and settings. any of the settings change or technical glitch could cause issues with Zyxel router performance and connectivity. 

So if your Zyxel router is not working then buckle up because we are going to help you fix it- Zyxel Router problems may require Mulitpal levels of troubleshooting such as as as network power cycle, Zyxel Router Reset and Console checkup. Know that Reset is always the last resort.

Why Zyxel Router not Working

Let’s find out what could cause Zyxel router to Quit working or start giving your trouble – 

  • Overheating Zyxel Router Or the incorrect power supply  
  • Settings change Firmware Outdated or Corrupted 
  • technical glitch or storms or power outages
  • Wrongful Zyxel setup and configuration.
  • Internet is down by internet Service Provider 
  • Orange Light Keeps blinking on Zyxel Router
  • Cable disconnection or hardware failure.

Now Since we mention issues that could rise up and stop Zyxel router to work let’s begin trying to them- 

Restart Home Wireless Network

Because of Overheating and technical glitch if the router has stopped working then a simple restart would help you fix the Internet Problem. The power cycle should be done in a proper way for the Best Outcome. Please Follow steps Further carefully- 

  • Disconnect the Router/Modem Both Devices From power Outlet (In Case You Have Modem-cum Router then Only Unplug Zyxel Modem/Router.)
  • Leave the Zyxel router off for 5-10 min and let it Cool down to Fix any Overheating issues.
  • While it does cool down Please check the internet Cables and Connection from isp Side.

Now Plug everything back as it should be connected to Mode/router and turn the power on and see if the ZyXEL works fine now and you have the internet. if in case you don’t see that happening then its best You Login Zyxel router and see if More Can be Done from the Zyxel console.

if you still have Red or Yellow light on Zyxel router read steps further to troubleshoot the issue.

  • To Find Zyxel router default Ip Just connect the computer With Zyxel using an internet cable.
  • Open the Run Box Or Open the Command Prompt of your Windows Computer.
  • Click start key at the bottom left and type cmd and then in cmd type ipconfig and press Enter.
  • now you will see the default gateway IP.

    Default gateway by cmd

Note – in case you have mac computer go to wifi settings and look for default gateway or You can find all Zyxel router default login details at the back or bottom of your Zyxel wireless router on a label.

Reset Zyxel Router

When Basic troubleshooting failed and you still have an issue with Zyxel Router we Recommend its best you contact free router consultant to check the router and internet connection before you jump to reset the Zyxel wireless router. but if you decide to reset the Zyxel router then Follow the steps Further – 

Note – We Strongly Suggest contacting Support & taking backup of yoru settings of the router before Reset. Once the Reset is done all existing network settings will be erased and can not be recovered. it’s easy to setup Zyxel router after reset however you need to have the correct information to get it done. 

  • Plug the Zyxel Router to a power outlet and turn it on
  • Wear rubber clubs for safety and Observe the Router and look for the Reset key at the back of the Zyxel router.
  • Take a Paper clip, Pen or Tiny Object to Press the Reset key and hold it for the next 30 sec.
  • Once you see all Zyxel router lights blinking please let the reset key go and Restart the Zyxel Router.
  • After the Restart Please Setup Zyxel router wireless With Recommended Settings and steps.

Zyxel Router installation tips – 

  • As soon as you reset the Zyxel router it reverts back to default factory settings. Please login Zyxel router and update the Zyxel router firmware to the latest version available.
  • let your internet connection detect the router and Check Modem-router compatibility.
  • if your router requires you to put internet connection types such as static IP connection or DHCP connection
  • Please contact our support so you can know which type of connection you might have and what is the username and password to stay connected with isp internet.

we hope this Post helps you fix Zyxel router problems. Let us know if you need any other help with regards to Zyxel router/modem. 

thanks for reading 

Good luck