How to find WPS pin for Hp printer?

The Wi-Fi Protected setup is abbreviated as WPS. The WPS is an eight-digit security code to connect the printer with the computer or two or more devices from anywhere in the office. The technology has upgraded to such an extent that we can use wireless networks to print documents. This is a wireless configuration to connect the systems when required. 

The wireless systems are so quick to serve the purpose without any hindrance. Just a click and the connection are done between the devices without any delay. The latest version of printers is easy to use as compared to the older version of printers which have no wireless facilities. 

The WPS provides a high-security network connection between the device. With the help of a password, you can easily prevent outsiders to use the configuration and make your connection safe and secured. 

The best part to use such a configuration is that whenever you connect with the device a new pin is generated for safe use. Are you the one who is facing an issue in connecting the devices? If yes, then this article will help you to understand the process to connect the Hp printer with your computer and get all the benefits out of it. 

How can you find a WPS pin for an HP printer?

The latest version of HP printers like HP Officejet 4650, HP LaserJet, and other models generate the pin at the top of the screen with the help of a wireless network. The older version of printers like HP DeskJet 2600 does not have such wireless facilities to display the pin on the screen. 

Methods to establish a WPS connection for HP printers

There are two ways to generate the connection between the printer and the device. Let’s explore each of the ways vividly –

WPS Pin Method

These are for those printers which have a screen on the top to generate the pin.

WPS Push button

WPS Push button is for those printers which do not have a screen on the top. 

How to connect HP Printer with WPS pin?

Those HP printers which contain a screen at the top can connect to any device easily. Following are the steps to get the WPS pin of your HP printer when connected with the computer or other devices. 

  • The first step is to turn on the printer or restart it.
turn on the printer
  • The second step is to go to the settings and click on the control panel of the printer.
  • The third step is to press the wireless button of the printer and a light will be blinking to confirm that the printer has started to connect the device.
  • The fourth step is to click on the Wi-Fi protected set up in the control panel. Few instructions are shown on the screen read it carefully to understand the connecting process.
  • Once you have done with this part the pin code is displayed on the printer screen that will help you connect the computer or other device.
  • The last step is to enter the pin that is generated by the printer and get connected to the devices or the computer as per the requirement.

this way if your hp printer is offline you can easily reconnect the printer with wifi and get the printer back online.

How to connect HP printer with WPS push button?

As we have mentioned earlier the WPS push button is for those printers which do not have the screen at its top which makes no access to the control panel settings of the printer too. 

For such printers, other methods are available to connect the printer and the computer or other devices. The method is called the WPS push button.

Following are the steps to connect the printer with the computer or other devices with the help of a push-button.

  • The first step is restarting or turn on the printer.
  • The second step is to place the printer near the computer to get rid of any complications or issues.
  • After completing the above process, search for the wireless button on the printer. A light will blink that shows that the printer is ready to connect with the computer or other devices soon.
  • The next step is to press the wireless button of the router too and wait for the light to blink for few seconds. The lights will stop blinking when the HP printer is connected safely with the computer or other devices. 
  • After following such steps, you can print the required document easily. 

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