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After Getting lot of emails from People that they want a standard instruction to setup any Router .

Till Now we had instructions Only for 5 routers belkin , netgear , asus , d’link , linksys But On Readers Demand we are just Giving Standard instruction and steps to setup any wireless router with modem .

We Tried to cover almost every Brand  . Please Read the Full Article and I am sure this Will Help You to setup Wireless router with modem .

Getting Started – In order to setup the Router we need a Ethernet cable and internet modem .

Setup Wireless Router With Modem –

In Order To setup Home wireless router follow these steps –

  • Connect the router with Modem with ethernet Cable .
  • Modem should be connected with router From the Modem W.A.N Port(mostly there in only 1 port on modem ) to Router internet Port (most of the time it’s yellow port ) .
  • Now its time to Find out What is Your Default Gateway So we can access the router setup page . Like ,
  • To find out Default gateway just open CMD (Command Prompt ) and type Ipconfig and Look for default gateway . it will be a ip address and Please Try to Remember it .
  • You can also Look On the router box or may be back of your router for default ip address .
  • Now Open your favorite Browser like Chrome , firefox , microsoft Edge , internet explorer or may be Opera …..Point is it does not matter just open the Browser and type the Default address that You find at CMD .
  • Now it may ask for User name and password try these Combinations see if this works

User name = admin    , password = admin

username = admin  password = password

username = admin password = blank

Try Any of these and get inside of your router setup page .

If its A DHCP Connection From internet service provider it will detect the connection automatically with router .

  • Now here You can go under Wireless setup and setup the new username (SSID) and password (Network Key ).
  • after Setup Wireless Router with Modem please save the settings and reboot your router .
  • Now Try connecting devices with your router using the new password . Please Wrote the password and keep it somewhere safe .
  • Here a example to setup a belkin router How to setup belkin wireless router in easy steps ?

Setup wireless Router With Manual IP –

If your internet service Provider have Given you a manual ip address to setup the router .

just follow the instruction –

  • Connect the Router with the Cable coming from your Service Provider
  • Just open the router page and put down all ip address and subnet mask and save the settings
  • type the Ip address and save it type the username and password Given by your internet service provider and save the settings .
  • Please Reboot the router and computer and see if that works .

Please Connect all your internet Device with your router .

i hope this will help you to setup wireless router .

Please Comment Below for any other help with any wireless router .

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