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How to Setup Asus Range Extender?

Hello there, Asus range extenders are as good as their other network devices and in this post, we will help you setup Asus range extenders using multiple methods.

You can use Desktop, Laptop, android and ios devices to install and configure the Asus range extender. A range extender will extend the range and coverage of the wifi router. it will also improve the speed and internet performance of the existing router.

Long story short if you have frequent connection problems, thin walls, and a multi-story house then a range extender is the perfect equipment for you to extender your internet so without delay let’s start with the Asus range extender setup.

Requirement for Asus Extender Setup

Few things you would need upfront before you start the setup process, to make the installation easy we will provide all the details required for setup in this article.

  • an Existing Wifi Device with an internet connection such as Wifi Router or Hybrid Modem
  • A place with a power outlet (Within 30-40 Feet away from the router)
  • Network Name and Password for Existing Router
  • an extra Ethernet Cable (In case of Wired Setup)
  • Default IP address Or web URL to access the extender setup page
  • Laptop android and ios device to perform the installation.

because the range extender is a plug and play device so it should not take long to setup Asus extender please follow the steps given below-

Asus Extender Setup Using Windows laptop

  • Plug the Extender to the Power Outlet Not More than 35 feet away from the router(Depending on the existing range of router)
Plug the Extender to the Power Outlet
  • Now Go to your Laptop and refresh the Available Network List and you will see a new network with Asus name on it
wifi name while connecting asus extender using laptop
  • that’s your New Asus range Extender Please Connect with it, if asked for a Password Please look at the box of Asus extender
asus extender back
  • Once Connected Please open your Internet Browser and type
repeater asus com
  • You Can Also Use as the default IP address to access the extender setup page

Note- Asus routers/Extender may also use as the default web URL to access the setup page.

  • Once you are able to connect with Asus extender setup page please follow the onscreen instructions
  • Let the extender Search For available networks around and then select your existing wifi network name
select your existing wifi network name
  • type the wifi password for your existing router and connect the router with the Asus extender
type the wifi password for your existing router
  • Create a New wireless password for Asus extender, change the network name if you wish
setup extender network
  • Follow the onscreen steps to Join and configure the extender
save setting asus
  • after configuration please save the settings and restart the extender

Now you can use the new wifi password created for the extender to connect with range extender internet. after setup, you can place the extender anywhere within the range of the wireless router to extend the wireless coverage.

the same methods can be done using the Mac laptops as well however for ios devices the method will be different.

Asus Extender Setup using Android Smartphone

  • Plug the range extender to power outlet and turn it on so it can load the settings
Plug the Extender to the Power Outlet
  • Go to Your Android phone and open the playStore and type Asus extender in the search box at top
  • Select Asus Extender application and install it , accept the terms and conditions and allow it to be installed in your phone
asus extender in google store 1
  • Now Go to your phone Wifi settings and see the available Network List, Locate the new asus extender network.
select ur network
  • Select the asus extender network and connect with it
  • Now open the asus extender application and click on setup new extender
  • Follow the onscreen instraction to finish the setup and exit the application
  • once the process is complete you can place the extender anywhere with in routers reach

you should be good to Go now. if you are using any iod device like iphone or ipad then try doing the exact same steps but download the asus extender app from the app store in ios.

we hope all of this information was helpfull. Do let us know if you need any other help.

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