How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory settings?

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if you are reading the article then it’s quite possible that you have some trouble with the Epson printer and you are in the middle of the troubleshooting process. having trouble with a computer leaves you with very limited options when you really don’t know the root cause of the problem.

this is a comprehensive guide on how to reset Epson printers using various methods. Please read the post till the end to know all about it but first –

Why And When to Reset Epson Printer

  • if your Epson installation and setup failed then resetting would help you perform setup from start.
  • Epson printer won’t connect to wifi or Epson printer won’t print then resetting is also an option to solve the trouble.
  • in case if you are getting printer error codes or technical glitches resetting the printer can be helpful when all the basic printer troubleshooting failed

we still recommend doing one last Epson printer troubleshooting checklist before doing the factory reset.

Note- once you have reset the Epson printer back to default settings all existing settings will be erased and reverted back to default factory settings. Here is How to do it-

Use Printer Panel to Restore Epson Settings to default

  • power on the printer and let it boot for a minute.
  • Go to the Printer control panel and press the Home Key
  • Press the arrow keys to navigate the option to setup and then press OK
  • use the navigation arrows key again to select Restore default settings and press Ok Again
  • with help of the right and left navigation key please select reset type depending on the trouble like Network Reset and press ok
  • your printer settings should be reset back to factory default settings.

if this method does not work for you then try the steps given below to get the fix done. if you have a hardware problem with the printer you might get Epson error code 0x97 to riddle with.

just follow the guide till the last-

Use Reset Key And Printer ip address

  • make sure the printer is on and you have a paper to print in the printer
  • Press the printer power key on printer to turn it off
  • locate the reset key(hole) at the back of the printer near the Ethernet port
reset key at printer
  • use a tiny object such as pen or paper clip to press the reset key and hold it
  • while holding the reset key, Please press the power key again on the printer to turn it on
  • keep pressing the reset key while the printer turns on
  • printer will give you a warning message and print a paper with the printer ip address and login information
  • use the ip address to login the Epson printer admin console on the computer to restore the settings on default.

we don’t really recommend using the adjustment software to reset printer settings. after you have reset the printer please uninstall the driver. remove the printer from the computer’s list of printers then restart the computer as well.

Now connect Epson printer to wifi and move forward with the installation of the printer from start.

Please leave a comment below to let us know if you need any other help.

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