How to Fix Slow Cyberpower computer ?

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first, we have to understand why we have Slow cyber power Pc

  1. you may have a lot of programs that you don’t use or maybe you have many startup programs that can slow down the system
  2. your windows are not updated or maybe you have junks more than you think
  3. it also depends on your hardware also like your R.A.M or your processor
  4. you may have a virus or some program is causing this problem
  5. you may have some virus that is making the computer slow

Uninstall program to fix Slow Cyberpower pc –

  • remove all unwanted program and their leftover files from your computer
  • remove the unwanted toolbar’s from the browser that you don’t use in your browser
  • disable all startup programs that you don’t use they slow your computer.

Upgrade the Hardware of your cyber power computer –

  • you can upgrade the R.A.M for better speed of your Slow Cyberpower computer.
  • you can use a ready boost option using your flash drive and get a fast Cyberpower computer.

Check for the virus in cyber power computer –

you can use an antivirus program to scan and remove the virus and unwanted junks out of your computer. such as avg antivirus, Norton, etc.

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Some Other Tips –

  • disable all animations and effects
  • update all driver and windows settings
  • turn off windows defender.
  • remove temp, prefetch files, cookies to make it faster.
  • try resetting and updating the browsers they may also help.
  • use CCleaner to wipe the free space on your computer drives
  • run an sfc scan on your slow cyber power computer
  • go to control panel and run performance troubleshooter and see if you can detect any other problem in your computer

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