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Easy fix-Having touch pad problems in Windows 10?

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Fix laptop touchpad issue –

Most of the time this problem comes when you have new update or you may have some driver missing

Here are some steps to fix your touchpad issue-

1-Enable your touchpad by key-


function f5


If your laptop has a function key that enables/disables the touchpad. by pressing it  Fn key + F5, Fn + F6 . 

2- Touchpad devices enable or disable-

  • Click on start
  • Click on settings
  • Go to the devices
  • Click on mouse and touchpad
  • scroll down
  • Click on additional mouse go to mouse properties.
  • Click on devices.

See there if the touchpad is disabled then select it on enable mode.

3-Update your drivers-




  • Press windows key + r key together.
  • Type in the run dialog box-  devmgmt.msc
  • Enter and go to Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Find your touchpad driver and Right-click on your touchpad driver and Click Update Driver Software…
    If not working then-
  • Go to device manager again.
  • Un-install your touch pad driver – By right click on your touchpad driver or press windows key + r  key.

Un-install your touch pad driver

  • Type appwiz.cpl in the Run box.
  • Un-install your driver.
  • Download your touchpad driver by your laptop brand name and model no. through manufacturer site.

Install it again on your computer.

Here some video tutorial-

4- Reset your windows-

  • If above steps are not useful or working then try to restore/reset your windows the earlier point when it works-
  • Press Windows key + r key together and type in the run dialog box –  rstrui.exe


Reset your windows

  • Choose a different restore point and Click next
  • Choose the back date of your restore point when your touchpad is working.
    Click next and follow the instructions.

For more Help  read here –

I hope now your touchpad is working.


  • what of windows 7.i downgraded my Asus A540L to 64bit version of win7 and everything else works except the touchpad.ive tried the fn and f9, keys after manually installing elan driver??not there a solution for win7?

  • My dell touchpad stopped working. Windows 10.
    USB mouse was fine. Little button between the G and H keys worked to. No touchpad.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and the pad itself. Nothing.
    Tried to Restore back a week, but my computer couldn’t find the file.
    The real question I had was, software or hardware?
    So I created a Linux boot DVD.
    Very simple, took 10 minutes to download the Linux, a few more to burn the DVD, videos online explained how to do it.
    I rebooted the computer in Linux.
    Yeah! Touchpad worked. Not a hardware problem!
    And when I rebooted in Windows 10, it still worked.
    So, try this fix. At worse, it will tell you if your hardware is broken, or your software.

  • Looked all over to solve the touchpad issue with no luck so done a full restore, still would not work. Found a link to this blog and within seconds the issue was solved.

    Superb and thank you.

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