Solved- Laptop stuck on ” Preparing Automatic Repair ” after system error

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folks every time computer gets auto restart or says preparing automatic repair there can be many reasons behind this issue.

Fix laptop preparing automatic repair –

Here are some steps to get out the stuck or loop process again and again.-

1. Boot in safe mode

Restart your computer by pressing the power button and hold for 20seconds and restart it again and try to press shift and f8 to get into safe mode.

  • open cmd and run as administrator in cmd type sfc /scan now and hit enter wait for the process.
  • run chk disk command in cmd after that.
  • run a cleaner and avg cloud care program to remove the virus and for cleaning some system files. try to backup your files.

If the problem is not fixed then again go to the safe mode and try to restore your pc.

Open run box and type there rstrui.exe  

And try to reset your windows at an earlier point.

if this function will not working then try this-

2. Factory restores

  • press f11 key and hold that key and press the power button. –
    for factory restore.
  • Attach your keyboard. choose your country.
  • Hit enter
  • Go to the troubleshoot.
  • Click on reset this/your pc.
  • It will remove your all data
  • Click next
  • Now choose an operating system. click clean the drive.
  • Select it hit enter.
  • Wait for the process and see if this works.
  • restart the computer

Try some cool tricks –

  • remove all unwanted startup programs and disable them using task manager
  • in new computers there is always a program like hp cool sense, make sure it turned on.
  • make sure your inside fan is working your computer
  • run a full virus scan to remove viruses and junks from the computer

if you have this problem . it is also possible that your computer is slow please follow

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