Are You Due An Upgrade To Unlimited Broadband

Are You Due An Upgrade To Unlimited Broadband?

Broadband internet has always been noted to be a lot faster than other internet options. In fact, many people have stated that broadband is the key that enables people to access the cyber world. Today, it is impossible to carry out any business without the use of the internet.

You need to look up other businesses online, create your own online presence, send emails, and even engage with clients on social media. More companies today are also hiring remote workers, and they need to coordinate with each other using Skype and other video conferencing services. Needless to say, broadband can streamline operations in your workplace significantly.

You may still be relying on limited internet plans and are thinking of upgrading to an unlimited option. But are you contact BT or EE with your request, go through the checklist below:

Do You Frequently Surpass Your Set Volume of Data?

A limited plan is only good for people who don’t need to use heavy applications as those can consume a lot of data. If you frequently need more data than you have purchased, you can save yourself some stress by purchasing an unlimited plan.

Do You Need Higher Speeds?

Limited plans are not slow, but if you are sharing the plan with many people in an office, you may find it lagging every now and then. In such cases, you should ditch the limited plan.

Those without limits usually feature higher speeds because they leverage the use of advanced fiber optics. Such speeds will also be important for people who need to use video conferencing services since communication on such platforms can be irritating and unfruitful at slow speeds.

 Do You Use Many Devices?

Whether you plan to use your internet at home or in the office, you are still likely to use it on multiple devices. These could be tablets, computers, laptops, phones, and even smart TVs. With a limited plan, you are highly likely to experience buffering and slow loading speeds.

Even downloads will be very slow. If you use many devices and are keen on convenience, you have to upgrade your plan to one that does not have a limit.

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Fair Usage Policy

Before you contact companies like BT and EE for your upgrade, make sure you check the fair user policies of the various providers. Compare broadband services to ensure you get the best deal available.

But what exactly is the fair usage policy? This is a policy that limits the amount of data you can use, but since the plan is not limited, only the speeds will go down.

The fair usage policy can be an inconvenience if you were only upgrading the plan to download large files every day. It can also be a problem for people who stream videos With Best Streaming Services throughout the day and on multiple devices.

You can ask the customer care representatives about the specifics of the fair usage policy, and whether there is a way to eliminate it entirely. After you compare broadband services, you can go for the one which accommodates your needs perfectly.


A limited internet plan can work for people who do not need to use a lot of data on a regular basis. But if you intend to use the network in a household with multiple people, or an office with many workmates, you should strongly consider upgrading your plan.

This is because limited plans will be unable to sustain the activities of the household and will simply cost you more in renewals. Also, the speeds will be extremely slow with large numbers of people. A plan that does not have limits will give you peace of mind and will allow you to use the internet as much as you want, without worrying about exceeding your limits.            

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