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Today in this Post we will Guide you How to install and Configure D-link range extender . Folks , D-link extenders have good Rating In Comparison of Any other Wireless extender . Setting up d-link range extender is incredibly easy and simple.

Once Installed D-link range extender will increase the speed And Coverage of your wireless network . In Order to setup d-link range extender You Should Have an  I.S.P Modem  (Internet Service Provider ) And a main Wireless router .

Lets Get started And Help You to Setup d-link extender –

Installing D-link range Extender-

Friends ,  Although These Days  Most of the range extenders Are Plug And Play Which Means You Can Just Setup Them in 2 minutes But those 2 minutes Can be very long if you really don’t Know the Right steps to get this Going .

Please Follow These Steps to Successful  Installation of your D-link router –

  1. Un-box Your D-link Wireless Range extender  And Plug it to the Power Outlet .
  2. Now Go to Your Computer Or Phone And Refresh The wireless Network List . You May See a New D-link network With Your Extender Model . Please Connect With It .

3. It May Ask For The Password Please Look at the back of Your D-link Box Or Check  the D-link Configuration card That Came with With D-link range extender box . Type The password And connect with d-link extender .

Access D-link Range Extender Setup –

4. Once Connected Please Open Your Internet Browser And Type http://dlinkap.local/  In Address Bar . You Can Also Try To open d-link range extender setup page .

5. In Next Step It Will Ask You How to Want to setup your range extender , Please Select Manually And Hit Next .

6. Now Extender Will Auto search for Available WiFi networks Around You To Join . Please Select You Main Router Network (Existing Wireless router  ) Name and Click Next 

7. Type the password of your existing Router And Click Next to Continue . Now Your Extender Will Try to communicate with your router And if your Password is connect Than d-link range extender will be connect to your router .

8. Once Can change And Configure Network name (SSID) And Network Password In Next Step . You Can also Adjust The Security And Disable the Guest wireless .

9. You Can also Enable And Disable 5 GHz networks For Gaming Proposes . At Last Apply And Save the Settings for extender to work .

10. Congrats Your D-link Range extender has Been configured . Now You Can Restart your d-link range extender and start Using Better Speed And Solid Connectivity throughout You Home .

Dear Folks If You still have Problem setting up D-link extender Please Try installing your extender Using the Ethernet Cable .

Read More D-link Range Extender Setup And Configuration Manual

Setup D-link Range Extender With Cable –

Friends Sometime Few People Find Installing Extender Hard Without Cable So Checkout This Option Also for Installation of D-link wireless Extender –

  • Place Your D-link Range Extender Near to Your Main Router And Plug Your Extender to Power Source And Turn it On .
  • Connect Your D-link Extender With Computer Using Internet Cable TO   Any LAN port On Existing Router .

Note While Installing d-link Extender With Cable Your Main router Should Be On But your Computer Should Be Disconnect (Wired Or Wireless Both ) From  your Main router .

  • Open Your Internet Browser Like Chrome, Firefox Or Internet Explorer and type http://dlinkap.local/ Or Use IP address In Your Browser Address And Press Enter .
  • Now Follow The Instruction Given Above And Configure Your Extender . After Setup Restart All Devices .
  • Please Place Your Extender Anywhere Midway between Your Router AND Wireless Clients .

Now You Can Connect All your Device With D-link extender . Hope this Helps to fix your D-link extender .

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