Why Printer Doesn’t Recognize New Cartridge ?

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See We have seen a lot Of People Facing this Problem with their Printer. When You buy Or Replace your HP Ink Cartridge 564 Or Any other Cartridge & see an Error coming to your system saying ink cartridge is empty or it’s not detectable.

Sometimes it’s just A software Or hardware Glitch. Here are some steps to fix your printer which Doesn’t Recognise Cartridge.

Fix Printer Doesn’t Recognise Cartridge:-

let’s just start fixing the printer with some basic steps –

  • Turn off Your Printer
  • Unplug power Cable and wait for 2 min And plug power cable and connection back again.
  • Now Press the power key on the printer and hold for 30 sec.
power key of printer1
  • See if this works, try printing something.

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Try Doing Some cleaning On printer and Cartridge

  • Unplug the Printer and disconnect it from a power outlet.
  • Open the Printer Cover and take Out your Cartridge.
  • Use a cotton Clean cloth to clean Cartridge chip and Printer connection which Connects to Cartridge.
Clean The cardridges pin
  • Plug back the Cartridge Back to Printer and put the cover back again
  • Try printing a test page see if that works
  • Sometimes You can just need to Ignore the Error message and just disconnect the cable and connect it again
  • You can try Resetting the Printer Again see if that works and repeat the process.

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If this Not work try our tips –

Sometimes Your Printer Doesn’t Recognize New Cartridge because it’s not compatible with Your Printer Model.

Check back with seller see if it was a defected cartridge. Try Replacing the cartridge and see if that works.

Please Comment Below And let us know if you any other problem setting up your cartridge with your printer.

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4 thoughts on “Why Printer Doesn’t Recognize New Cartridge ?”

  1. My WF7620 was printing in the middle of a photo is said can not recognize cartridge m and 252. they are epson cartridges that have been working. I think I will never buy epson again. My old one was clogging all the time bought a new one and only have had it a couple of months. this is absurd.

  2. I purchased a refilled cartridge for my HP Deskjet 3632 and the computer won’t recognize it. The computer states that it won’t recognize non HP products. I know that is no longer legal but I don’t want to go to court to solve the problem so I will just avoid buying HP printers in the future.

  3. I See Your Problem However I use multiple Hp Printer & they Work With Other Brands of Ink Cartridges. But i have seen this issue With Many People …Please Reset the Printer to Default Settings & reinstall the driver. Hope That will help

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