How to Fix Epson error code 0xf1?

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This article is a unique and complete guide on Epson error code 0xf1. you will find all possible reasons behind the Epson error and how to troubleshoot step by step and get back to printing.

Getting this Epson error would stop the printer’s ability to print and disrupt printer function and put the printer in an error state, our experts have worked long hours to come up with this guide to provide you with the most accurate solution for the trouble.

What is Epson Error oxf1

this is a critical Epson Printer error where the printer is not able to print and getting trouble executing print commands. many websites over the internet claim that it’s a computer registry-related issue but we don’t think it has anything to do with computer registry. However, there are other computer factors that could contribute to the trouble.

Just like any other Epson printer error this also comes with multiple possible reasons. here is the number of issues that could cause the trouble-

  • Paper Jam in Printer
  • Non-aligned Print head
  • Glitch or corrupted Printer driver
  • technical glitch between the printer and computer
  • Non-compatible Hardware
  • Unwanted Junk and corruption within the computer

so now you know the possibility let’s start with the troubleshooting.

Perform a Basic Power Reboot

reboot the printer
  • unplug the printer from the power outlet and remove the power cord from the printer too
  • Restart the Computer and give it a minute to boot all settings
  • Plug back the Printer Power cable back into the printer and turn it on

check to see if the error is resolved. Now, let’s move forward to further troubleshooting.

Check For Paper Jam

check paper jam
  • Turn off the Printer and open the printer cover
  • remove all the paper from the paper feed tray and carefully examine the printhead
  • Remove any debris, paper peace that may block the printer

for more please check out the complete guide on how to fix paper jam in epson printer

Check the alignment of the Print head

print head alignment

if the printer is nonaligned then the print head movement will be blocked and that may result in Epson error code 0xfi to solve this issue you must check the print head.

  • open the printer cover and carefully press the tab in front of the print head to remove it
  • Carefully take out the printhead and make sure there is no debris or object blocking it
  • clean the printhead and insert it back again and make sure it’s properly seated.

if none of the methods provided above helps and you are still not able to print please reset the printer to default factory settings and uninstall the printer driver.

Uninstall Epson Printer Driver

Uninstall Epson Printer Driver

most of the technical glitches such as driver corruption or non-compatibility may cause interference with printing to avoid these issues please uninstall the driver from the computer and remove the printer from the added list of the printer.

Please go to our complete guide on epson printer troubleshooting to know the process in detail.

once you have removed the driver go to the computer and go to the devices and printers setting, select the printer and remove it from the list and restart the computer along with the printer now.

Scan the Computer For Viruses or Malware

in this cyber world, our technology is interconnected and while that’s a great luxury it could also cause a dent in security. Please make sure that your computer and printer is virus-free as hackers could exploit the printer to loop into the computer also.

Please download good antivirus software and scan the whole system and remove any viruses or spyware from the system. you can also check out similar Epson printer error code 0x97 to know more about the problem.

Contact the Support team

we are fairly sure that one of the methods above would really help you solve the problem however if still face the problem or have any questions please contact support to help you find the most accurate solutions.

you can also comment and leave feedback or suggestion.

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