Factory reset android phone

How to factory reset android phone ?

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OK friends whatever the reason you have for resetting the phone please take full backup your data. because once it’s reset it’s Gone.

Because when you perform a factory reset on the android phone Your all data and settings will be erased forever. So again it’s better to have the backup of your data.

So if Your phone is in working condition just try connecting it to the computer using a USB cable and then copy and paste your full data.

or you can also use any online backup or storage service to back up your data.

Do You Know Many Phone Problems can be fixed in by booting your phone in safe mode – How to Boot android phone in safe mode?

see if that helps if not

Then let’s Go back to Reset your android phone

if your phone is in working condition just follow steps:-

How to Factory reset the Phone Using settings

  • Click the menu or the home key
  • Go to the Settings
  • Now go to Back up And Reset  
  • Tap on Factory data reset 
Factory reset in phone
  • there Will be a pop up saying are you sure you want to reset it
  • just click on Reset the Phone and Erase everything.

If for any reason You can’t access Your settings just follow steps below –

Try Hard Reset on Android Phone –

its very simple just go step by step

in order to hard reset your phone to factory settings try this-

  • Just press the power key and volume up at the same time and hold them together simultaneously.
  • Keep Holding The both Keys together until you see  the recovery options mode
  • Use Volume key to navigate through recovery options and perform a reset on your phone.
  • Now wait and make Sure it plugged with the power source so your battery doesn’t die in the middle of the process .

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