Why Camera not working in Android Phone ?

 Fix Camera not working in Android Phone-

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so lets go and solve this camera issue step by step –

while fixing camera in your Android follow these instructions  -close all programs and try closing any other program from background.

now restart the phone  and see if the camera works

if camera in your phone i still not working than try doing these too –

  • try removing S.D card and wait for 1 min and free some space in your memory card .
  • please go to Settings>Application>All>Camera>Clear cache>Restart mobile and see if this fix your  phone camera .
  • Try Updating the software of your phone and then restart the phone .
  • try this one too if possible remove the battery and wait for like 2 min than plug the battery . see if the camera is working


fix camera not working by doing reset on phone –

when you have tried almost all steps mention above and still camera not working in your phone please try doing a factory reset on your phone that could also solve the problem .

please follow this post https://fixingblog.com/factory-reset-android-phone/   and see if this fix your problem.

please comment below for any other issue with your phone Camera . we would love to solve the issue . thanks for Reading .


8 thoughts on “Why Camera not working in Android Phone ?”

  1. I have tried clearing data. Rebooting phone, clearing cache, updating my phone. Factory reset and still nothing no rear facing camera. I even downloaded diff camera apps and nothing. Can someone please help me??

  2. joanna – Try again – just not reboot – shutdown your device for 2min – maybe remove battery and SD card. It help for me

  3. How to fix my camera isnt working..ill do aal the options.,iuse factory data but still not working?what should i do??

  4. Done everything suggested,still no camera & no flashlight. Down loaded camera apps & flashlight apps (yes plural) APPS. Several different ones & nothing. Had this problem once before but dont remember what fixed it.so, what. I have LG K7 WITH NO CAMERA OR FLASHLIGHT? Not acceptable.

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