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Belkin Range Extender Won’t Connect to Internet

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If you have a Belkin range extender Which troubles you in terms of Connectivity and Connection than You Are at Right Place.

Did You Setup Your Extender and Yet You Haven’t Gain the Internet From It?

Let’s Go And Fix  All Your Belkin Extender Problems –

First Try the Basic Options For Extender troubleshooting –

Easy Troubleshooting Extender  –

  • Restart Your Modem First then Restart your Router And Extender
  • Please Your Extender With in 30-35 Yards Of Your Main Wireless Router.
  • Make Sure All Lights Are Blinking On Router And You Have the Internet to your Router
  • Try Connecting The Extender Again See if That Works

Reset Belkin Range Extender –

Folks if you Still have Problems With Extender After Trying this Basic Steps You Must Reset the Extender.

  • Look At the Behind Of Your Extender You May See A Reset Key Or Small Hole For Reset
  • Press the Reset the Key Using Any Tine Paperclip Or Pen And Hold For 30-40 seconds.
  • Now Restart Your Extender And Router. After Reset Please Setup Your Range Extender Again.

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After Setup Please Restart All Devices And Please Your Extender At Middle Of Your Place.

See If This Gets You the Internet.

Reset the Extender Using Belkin.range –

In Case If You Do Not Have Reset Your Extender Using Reset Key Try Doing It Using your computer.

Plug Your Extender to Power and Connect the computer With Range Extender Using Ethernet Cable

Now Open http://belkin.range  And Reset the Range Extender Using The Extender Setup page.

Now Setup the extender And see If This Helps.

Read More Troubleshooting Belkin Range extender | Belkin.Range

See If this All this helps you to get your extender working.

Watch This Video For Help About Belkin extender

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know if you Need Any support with Belkin extender.

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  • Dear Mr/Mrs,
    Yesterday I received my Belkin extender but it cannot connect to the internet. Basically I’ve tried everything, restart the router, restart the Belkin, plug the extender really close to the router. Restart my laptop it’s just not connecting. My extender is AC 1200. When I plug the extender I see on my wi-fi lost Belkin set up, I don’t have problem to find my internet, the problem is when I put the internet password and waiting to connect it’s says Belkin extender was enable to connect to you internet. How I can fixed it?

    Kind regards,
    Nikoleta Arinkova

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