Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Get More Customers in 2022

For retail firms looking to increase sales, November is the harvest month of the year. The finest Thanksgiving holiday marketing strategies frequently include businesses and marketers getting their hands dirty.

Given the tough competition you can encounter, we’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving promotions and other marketing suggestions that might assist you in maximizing this significant sale to get rid of your inventory and generate excellent earnings.


Why is the Thanksgiving season perfect for retailers?

Because Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the US. Over the weekend, there are several shopping opportunities, such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday bargains.

It’s a time when family and friends gather together to watch football, go to a parade, and have an excessive amount of turkey and pumpkin pies. Last year, the five-day holiday shopping period from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday saw approximately 180 million Americans shopping (both in-store and online). In 2021, the typical American spent $448 ahead of the holiday since almost 49% of them even browsed during early Christmas promotions.

Thanksgiving is a major event for companies given the enormous amounts of money that are spent across a wide variety of product categories. Therefore, you have a good incentive to start getting ready for the big weekend as soon as possible if you’re selling any of these presents.

Top Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for 2022

To help you out, we present you our favorite Thanksgiving marketing strategies and ideas:

1. Start Early Deals in October

Many shops start their Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales early in October and early November so they may take advantage of the brisk market before the major sale begins.

As was already established, last year about half of the American consumers took advantage of early Christmas bargains. 82 percent of holiday weekend buyers said the bargains were comparable to or perhaps even greater than those of Thanksgiving.

So holding a lengthy Christmas sale makes sense. You might decide to save the greatest deals for the weekend around Thanksgiving.

2. Send Thanksgiving Email Newsletters

Now is the time to start sending email newsletters to your consumers if you haven`t done already. And if you have, it’s time to add a Thanksgiving touch to your newsletters.

One of the best Thanksgiving marketing strategies is using email newsletters to keep in touch with your consumers and let them know about your deal.

Even if your consumers can only communicate with you in one direction, newsletters are still incredibly effective marketing tools since they may keep your customers interested. They could choose your brand when they go shopping during the Thanksgiving sale, thus this might be profitable.

You can encourage your customers to visit your online or even physical store with an appealing email newsletter. In essence, newsletters may assist you in promoting conversions directly.

3. Show Appreciation Towards Your Customers

The main mistake that merchants make when coming up with ideas for Thanksgiving marketing is forgetting the human aspect of it. For once, you should try to set your sales pitch aside and consider how you can relate to your audience.

You may express gratitude to your clients for their loyalty to a business. Sending a newsletter or perhaps a text message to express gratitude is a smart Thanksgiving marketing strategy. Without a doubt, this will improve the emotional bond between your company and its clients.

Although these concepts don’t immediately affect sales, they do affect how your target audience views your business. And because of this, they could select you above the competition when the time comes for the sale.

Since Thanksgiving is all about people, it is important to remember the individuals who created your goods and services. Take a look at how a shop posted a message about its staff on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t thank them, but it does provide a personal touch.

4. Run a Giveaway

Thanksgiving marketing strategies that are likely to excite your customers about your company include challenges and incentives. They function effectively because they quickly generate a lot of involvement, which is necessary for such brief events.

The secret to winning competitions is innovation. Encourage consumers to submit their Thanksgiving wishlists, and the winner will receive everything on their list. This is one of the easiest Thanksgiving marketing ideas.

In addition, if the competitive atmosphere doesn’t fit with your company image, you may always donate to charity. A particularly creative strategy to link your company to the event is by giving back to the community. Consequently, it is among the most fruitful Thanksgiving marketing concepts.

5. Understand Customer Preferences

Every day, more than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to advertise your Thanksgiving deal.

Launching Instagram Story Polls is a terrific concept since they assist you to learn the most recent demands or wishes of your clients. With the help of the Thanksgiving sale, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what your clients want, and you may select the goods for the sale following their needs. This might significantly increase your sales.

As an alternative, you might utilize Stories to draw customers to your Instagram Shop, where your Thanksgiving deal will be active.


The weekends around Thanksgiving provide several business opportunities. Additionally, you may maximize this holiday weekend by using the Thanksgiving marketing strategies we’ve already outlined.

On Thanksgiving, people gather with their families and exchange presents with one another. During this weekend, retailers typically offer the biggest discounts of the year to entice customers from all over the nation and boost their sales. You might join the celebration as well, but only if you are aware of the best Thanksgiving marketing strategies that will enable you to draw in and convert your target market.

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