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I am very sure that While you are here you may want to reset belkin router password .

in this post we will also tell you how to retrieve the password without resetting the router In case you forgot the Belkin wireless  password .

Lets Guide you and teach you –

How to reset Belkin router password –

there are two basic ways to get This issue fixed Please follow as you like –

A- Login and Change the Belkin router password –

If you Forgot the belkin wireless password In this you don’t need to reset the router to default settings .

just follow these steps to get the password of your belkin router –

  • If you have belkin router and want to Know the password first look at the back of your belkin WiFi router there will be user name and password .
  • You can also login in your router and Get to Know the belkin router password
  • Connect the computer or laptop with router using a cable .
  • type on the very top of your browser (URL box )
  • it may ask you user name and password try username – admin  and password =admin   , if this did not work you can also try username = admin , password = password .
  • Now after Login please Go to Wireless settings and Click on Security Tab
  • Now here You can see the password of your wireless router
  • reset belkin router password

Click on Obscure PSK And you can see the password .

if this did not help You to reset the belkin router password please try resetting the Belkin wireless router –

Reset Belkin router to default settings –

You just need to follow the steps and get your wireless router reset to factory settings and after that its very easy to setup the router like new router .

  1. Connect the router with power Outlet .
  2. Use a pen or paper-clip to reset the belkin wireless router .
  3. Press the Reset Key Using pen or paperclip  And hold it for 30-45 seconds and than release the reset key .
  4. Now you Can see all lights blinking while reset , after reset restart the router .

Now every setting has been reset and now you can change the belkin router password and settings As you wish .

for belkin router setup follow How to setup belkin wireless router in easy steps ?

i hope  all this did helped you to reset Belkin router password .

for any other help please comment below and let us know .

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