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No Sound On Mac Laptop? 5 Best Ways to Fix Mac Sound

On a sudden morning if you find your MacBook speaker is not functioning properly. What will be the first impression will you get? Confusion or Irritation? Whatever it may be, it is a headache. Majority of the MacBook users are either any professional editor or a businessman. So this problem is one of those problems, you would like to fix it as soon as possible. There are several reasons for which you cannot get any sound from the speakers of your MacBook.

You are probably facing these problems due to either any hardware problems or any software problems. If the problem is hardware-related, then you have nothing much to do if you are not an official technician of apple. In such cases, you should visit the nearest service center of Apple and then consult with the corresponding technician and you will get help from their side. Now, if you don’t find any problem regarding hardware then there must be any software issue or any kind of glitches that you could not able to figure out. like in our Previous Post regarding How to Fix sound Problems in window Laptop we will not leave any stone unturned.

Check first whether you are using the latest updated macOS version or not. If you are not using the latest version of the mac OS. It may happen, as you are not using the updated version of macOS, the sound driver is not being installed properly. So it may resolve if you just update the Operating System only. The sound driver in your MacBook will automatically fix by updating the Operating System only.

Fix Mac Laptop Sound Problem

Now, if you are already accessing the latest version of the Operating System then some other software related issues can be there. That part can be solved in the following ways

  1. First, you need to play something properly, to begin with, the process. You can refer to some music from iTunes or the music application. Click on any song after opening the music application or iTunes. You can detect the basic problem from here only. It may happen in two cases, firstly it may happen that music is not opening i.e. no generation of bars after clicking the play button and secondly it may happen that the music is playing by generating bars but the sound is not coming. In your device, if the first problem is happening then it can be a problem of hardware but if the second problem is happening then proceed to the next step.
  1. You need to turn the volume up then by pressing the volume up button. You can easily find that volume up button in the F12 key. If you cannot play like that way, you should click the volume option in the menu bar which will be appearing on the top of the screen.
  2. After applying the second step also, if you find still sound is not coming then you should directly change the music application. Sometimes it happens, whatever music application you are using either they got backdated or they are not suitable for your version of the Operating System in your MacBook. So it is important to change the music application immediately. If still, problems remain the same, you should follow the next point.
  3. You should restart your machine after installing the new music application. Sometimes, restarting the device can help you get rid of these problems which you are facing.
  4. It may happen that the hardware part of your system got damaged i.e. the speaker outputs are not working properly. In such cases, you can refer to an earphone. If it is the issue of speaker grill only then in earphone the sound will come at least. If in the earphone also, you are getting no sound then refer the next step.
  5. Check all the ports in your MacBook thoroughly, and make sure whether any kind of audio port is being plugged in your MacBook or not. If yes, then immediately remove those audio jacks and play the sound, and if any kind of port is not attached then go through the next step which will further describe you the possible solutions. Not only you should check all audio ports only, rather you should go through all kinds of ports such as USB ports, HDMI ports, Thunderbolt, etc. So that you can get a clear idea of whether the problem is simple or not.
  6. Check the jack of your earphone probably. Sometimes, it has been seen that customers having a speaker problem as well as a headphone jack problem. In such cases, you should check the earphone jack thoroughly. You should input the headphone jack properly and should take that headphone to any technician of Apple to fix the problem out of it. You can also try by blowing inside the headphone jack. Sometimes, dust particles can cause such savior problems, and due to such small reasons, you have to tolerate a lot of nuisance. So better you get a proper idea before taking the MacBook to a technician.
  7. You should also upgrade the music application to its latest version. It often happened to so many MacBook users, due to improper up-gradation of the music tool customer got harassed. So better you upgrade the entire system along with the music application, before taking the MacBook to the service center.
  8. After checking all the pieces of the stuff mentioned above, you should also restart the sound controller of the MacBook. After switching on the MacBook you should go to the Activity Monitor and should locate the CoreAudio option. You need to click on that option. The entire process will automatically restart by itself only and there is a slight chance that your problem gets fixed by this action.
  9. In the final step, you can check the preferences of the system. After opening the system preferences in your MacBook you should click on the sound tab. You should also click in the output tab and further click in the option named internal speaker. Be clear about the fact that the output volume should not be muted. And if it is in mute mode, then please unmute the entire section you get over there. May be your problems regarding sound will be resolved.

You should follow the above proceedings, step by step. By following those you will come into a conclusion. After following such things, it may happen you don’t get a solution. For that condition, you have to go through the following procedure to get the final solution. Sometimes, there are some internal software processes are there. And those software proceedings are very much complicated. That is why you should know the following steps to fix the sound problems in your MacBook.

  • Choose the option of system preferences, from the option named Apple menu.
  • Then select the option named sound.
  • Then click on the output tab and immediately next after that select output window.
  • If that option is not showing on your screen, you can directly call the Apple support team.
  • Then you have to drag the volume slider to the right side as you will probably see the volume is set low.
  • If you see the tick mark on the mute checkbox, deselect the mute checkbox and check it once again.
  • Finally, if you do not get any response from sound, directly contact apple support. They will fix your problem

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