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Apple always made different and amazing things . Apple Airport Express is one of those incredible and amazing device .

Now Apple Airport express can be used as wireless access point and  as a music player also . apple airport express can be used as Airplay Device also.

In this Guide we will learn only  how to fix apple airport wireless connectivity problems –

please keep this in mind that we have tested these steps and if you will follow the steps there are fair chances your apple airport will work .

apple airport not working –

  1. first restart the modem and restart the apple airport express and wait for 2 min .
  2. Now try connecting with internet see if this solves the issue
  3. make sure connection between modem and airport is fine with Ethernet cable
  4. if all this does not work please look on the apple airport and see the lights and there status like pattern of blinking and color of lights .
  5. if all above steps don’t work you may have to perform a reset on apple airport . since this a multi-purpose devices we would not recommend factory reset in first attempt-

Resetting apple airport express –

before your perform a reset i would like you to make sure that your internet is working from your internet service provider.  If YES Then follw

there are three types of reset you can perform on airport wireless base point –

  1. Soft reset – 

First turn on your device . Take a pen or paper clip and press the reset key at the back and hold for like 2 full seconds. (reset button is at right to last LAN port )

this will remove all the settings and password for 4-5 min . you will be able to connect devices and change the settings like password & channel.

sometime it also fix the internet connection problems .

2. Hard reset –

we suggest don’t be so confuse between hard reset and factory reset .

According to us perform both as one step ( factory reset or hard reset )

this will remove all settings but not any of your data . your hard drive will be safe so don’t worry just perform the hard reset

  • Please power on your airport .
  • now you can  press and hold  the reset key using the same pen or paperclip and this time hold for like 45-55 seconds .
  • Now please restart the airport and wait for 1 min .
  • please launch the airport utility from application under mac for windows you can get it from desktop icons . or you can always download the latest version .  please select your computer operating system and latest version from the list and download the airport utility please visit apple https://support.apple.com/downloads/airport  . please ignore if you already have airport utility
  • now you can setup using the airport utility and this should work now .

Please comment below and let us Know if you have any other Trouble connecting your apple airport with internet .

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