Windows VPN Error 628: The Remote Computer Terminated The Connection

Do you want to be safe when browsing online? The solution is simple, install a VPN. Although the installation and the mechanism are simple enough, problems are inevitable sometimes. For example, when attempting to activate the VPN, you’ll see an error message saying  “Error 628: cannot establish a connection due to a problem”. 

People are confused when the error messages appear on their screen. As something went terribly wrong, they need to fix it. The error message 628 is actually not that rare, fortunately. So, there are some fixes you can do in case you get a specific message. Read more below.

Fixes VPN Error 628

The Importance of Properly Installing a VPN Service

One of the reasons why you got the error message is because of the incorrect VPN installation. Users need to install the VPN properly to get the benefits. As one simple way to fix it, you can allow VPN through Firewall on Windows. That way, the internet connection made by the VPN won’t be blocked anymore. The error message will be gone, and you can browse the internet using the encrypted connection.

Aside from that, there are several other possible fixes depending on the causes of the error. But first, in order to truly know what the problem was, check the explanation below.

What Is Error 628?

Before actually finding the solutions, let us first understand what error 628 is all about. Windows will show this specific error code because the connection from the VPN can not be used or established. 

It can also be used to indicate that the network is somehow unreachable. There are some possible causes why this happened, including incorrect VPN installation, problems in the router, or the firewalls that are blocking the connection.

Why It Appeared?

As we mentioned above, you can see the error 628 displayed on your screen because the connection from the VPN client can’t be established due to an unreachable remote server. So no matter how hard you try, if the problem still persists, your VPN can never establish the connection. When you use the internet under this condition, the browser will show the generic Internet not found message instead. 

The general issue why this might happen in the first place is because of the incorrect VPN settings. In order to have the channeled VPN connection, you have to put some information correctly. The details like the address, protocols, authentication method, and encryption should be properly input. So before activating the connection, ensure once again that this information is correct.

Another cause comes from router configuration. Changes in the router settings can also affect the connection, especially if you want to integrate the VPN services. Driver conflicts that are related to an internet connection can also cause the error message to appear.           

Although a Firewall is sure a great feature to keep your device protected when you install something new or use the internet, sometimes, connection problems due to access blockage may happen because of it. If you don’t allow a Firewall to let connections from a VPN pass, it will always block them no matter what happens. 

When you activate the Firewall, it will run certain protocols to block connections from unknown sources. 

How to Solve It?

In order to solve the Error 628, we have to see what was the cause. You can’t simply use the methods you’d think the easiest to deal with the issue. Do know that the fixes are different according to what the cause is. Below are some simple fixes to deal with the error 628:

1. Configure Firewall Settings

The blocked VPN connection might be caused by the Firewall. So when installing the VPN, make sure to turn off the Firewall momentarily. Do the necessary steps, and make sure that the details are input correctly. Then do a light test to see whether the problem still persists or not. 

2. Reinstall the WAN Miniport Drivers

When activated, the VPN will make some changes to the WAN Miniports. When error 628 appears, you can’t simply revert to the older drivers or undo the mistakes. As everything has changed, what you can do now is to reinstall the drivers again to put them in the default state. You can use the Device Manager to do so.

3. Reset The Internet Protocol

To make sure that the internet connection can be used once more, you have to reset the internet protocol as well. The VPN fails to deliver the connection because there’s corrupted data in the internet protocol. Problem like this is the reason why you often face problems related to an internet connection, like the device being unable to recognize the connection, for example.

After you reset the internet protocol, restart the system, and check whether the connection is now working or not.

4. Allow Some Protocols

In order to enjoy a safer internet connection from the VPN, you also need to allow some required protocols. The protocols you should allow are the PAP, CHAP, and MS-CHAP v2. Not doing this will make the VPN fail to establish a connection. 

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