Hello everyone,

Today we will talk about how we install Kodak Printer & connect it with wireless Network so you can start Printing.

Setup Kodak Printer

Make sure that you are connected with your network and your printer is connected to your laptop/desktop.

If you don’t have cd then download your printer driver from your manufacturer printer site and download your printer driver with your model no.

  • Now connect your printer to your laptop with USB cable and run your printer driver from your computer.
  • Now follow the instruction.
  • Now your printer is installed.

The other way to manually add your printer-

  • Click on start
  • Go to devices and printers
  • Click on add a printer
  • Now click on add a local printer by USB-
  • Don’t do anything you can choose use an existing port.
  • click on next.
  • Now you can see there a list of your manufacturer printer. 
  • Select your printer brand name and now choose printer model no.
  • If you are not able to see your printer model no. then click on windows update.
  • Click on next.
  • Name your printer.
  • Click next.

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Make as your default printer.

Now click on a print test page to check out your connection that is connected to your printer.

  • Click on finish.Check your printer is working or not.
  • If your printer is not working then right click on your printer icon and click on troubleshoot.

It will fix the problem connection between your printer and laptop.

For more help watch this video-

if you want to see how to install in windows 10 see this-

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I hope this will help you… if not then plz share your issue in comments.