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Video Streaming – How to Use Them For Your Podcasts?

If you are a fun of watching online videos, you must have realized that nowadays the whole process has been simplified due to the various excellent video streaming services that have been availed by different websites. This has made watching of video clips an easy task with a variety of different topics being availed to all Internet users.

These video streaming services also give a chance to all interested individuals to publish their videos which they are willing to share with their audience groups. The following are some of the best streaming services frequently used by various podcasters.


1. Ustream TV

This is a popular video streaming service that allows podcasters to record publish and do live broadcasts of their video clips. This service provides incredible options ranging from broadcasting software and hardware which gives options for saving the videos for later editing.

This service also enables you to get control of your videos by keeping protection of your content through the use of passwords. Ustream is thus a trusted platform that has lasted for more than 5 years now. Ustream also allows the podcasters to receive comments from the viewers about the videos and thus enabling them to have a conversation with their audience.

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2. Live stream

This is a platform that enables users to publish any form of videos or audios varying from different topics for their viewers. This kind of a video streaming service is available to all users in the whole world and hence audiences can watch your videos from any locations in the sphere. The platform also provides high-quality contents.

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3. Freedocast

This is a convenient and an affordable service for all those who want to make their live broadcasts on any social platform such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This service also allows you to get control of your videos clips.



Some of the websites you may consider to publish your videos include:

1. YouTube

This website is completely free to access and hence making it the most popular website for video streaming. This site provides different video clips which are of different qualities as they are published by various individuals and youtube most at times does not control the quality of the clips being posted. All publishers are free to post any video clips according to their wishes but all the videos are restricted to a maximum of 100mb size.

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2. MySpace

This is also a free site where users have the authority to share videos to other people by uploading them to their profiles. MySpace is a social network that does not pose any restrictions on the users on the quality of videos to upload on their profiles and thus causing publication of low-quality videos. However, the site is such a great for different users since no more funds required to publish the clips other than a good internet connection.


3. Vimeo

This is a highly known up for good quality video clips. The site if free though members who wish to upgrade are required to pay a certain amount of money. It is the appropriate website for publication of music videos among other videos by musicians and animators. Free members are allowed to publish video clips on a weekly basis for 500mbs.

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4. Metacafe

Metacafe is a video streaming site that has been in operation for quite a longer time than even youtube through the YouTube video is widely known. Unlike YouTube, Metacafe targets the adult audience and offers high-quality videos due to the regulations installed. The site is also easy to use as compared to the video streaming sites.


5. Hulu

Just like the Vimeo site, Hulu is a free video streaming site for the basic users but charges are put for those who wish to upgrade. The site is mostly used for online streaming of television programs. For the past few years, this site has gained much popularity due to the movie videos and television programs provided. However, the site is only applicable to users in the United States.


These video streaming services are very significant to all podcasters who are interested in publishing their videos and thus the choice of your best streaming service and websites you use impacts greatly on the quality of your content. It is therefore wise to be careful on the site and service you go for.

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