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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Monitor Arm

Computers have become one of the most important requirements to do any job. Normal work progress shall be greatly inhibited without the presence of computers. Although there are many parts to a computer like, CPU, keyboard, hard drive, RAM etc. most of us shall not be familiar with the working of those devices. But, all the folks who work in a system know well about what the monitor does.

While manufactured all monitors almost have the same height, but all the monitors are not suitable for all the persons. If you sit right in front of your system, your eyes should contact the top 2 inches of the monitor to have healthy interaction with the system. If you happen to see the middle of the screen, while sitting in front of the system then the system is too high and you should lower it. If you happen to see the tip of the monitor even after adjusting the height then you need a monitor stand. Here are some factors which explain the importance of the need for the best monitor arm.

1. Nullifies neck pain

Neck pains are vulnerable to persons who keep their head stiff for a long time and it is more prevalent among the workers who use computers or laptops throughout the day. When you use a regular monitor you just concentrate on the screen which keeps your neck idle for a long time. This causes pain in your neck and over time it can also lead to some chronic orthopedic issues. But, when you opt for a monitor arm you don’t have to adjust the height of your table or chair to keep your eye focused on the exact location of the monitor. You can simply pull and adjust the monitor as per the height of the user also. Therefore, monitor arms keep your screens adjustable and hence reduce the strains on the neck of the user.

Neck pain

2. Overcrowded desks

Usually, the table which holds the monitor also possesses so many gadgets like a pen, note, book, small table top, a cup of coffee etc. Working meticulously with keen eyes can also cause trouble to the user’s eye. But, when a monitor arm is used with the monitor, it makes the monitor to be accessed in multiple angles and directions without any constraints.  This way, even if the desk is overcrowded, workers don’t have to worry about the position and the safety of the monitor.

Moreover, due to its accessibility, it can be used in various departments like banks, airports and such other places where the customer needs to check the details filled in by the staff. Sometimes, a staff has to do repeated sit-ups on his chair to verify various aspects of his client. Repeated changing of his posture can annoy him greatly. At such times, monitor arms can be used in order to avail the staff with an ergonomic comfort which shall appease him a lot.

messy table

3. Touch screen applications

Although touchscreen technology is widely available in various fields like ATMs, phones, gaming machines, industrial controls, handheld electronics, way finders, restaurants etc not all of them require monitor arms. Only some touchscreen applicable branches require monitor arms. Some hi-tech stores, businesses prefer to use these monitor arms over ordinary monitors just because of their flexibility.

In a mall which has a heavy inflow of crowd, one cannot expect his business gadgets to be fixed at a particular position. Alternatively, a monitor arm can be fixed on a wall to provide flexible support to the user. Sometimes aged personals may not be able to see the description on the screen which is fixed. Monitor arms can be used in order to make easy access to such details to them without any strain.

easy accessable monitor arm

4. Entertainment

Most of the entertainments today involve enjoying movies, videos, playing video games, and also exercising on hi-tech equipment etc.  While enjoying a movie on a fixed screen which is mounted on a wall, the user has to focus in the middle of the screen to see the fine details of the picture. But, by using the monitor are you can access the screen just in front of your eyes without any substantial difficulty.

Also while enjoying their bedtime movies people often lie down on their bed while seeing it. Lying down for a long time and focusing on the mounted screen without moving their neck, can also cause sprains and neck pains. Instead, if they have a monitor arm, they can position the screen at their desired angle and lie down at their comfortable position to enjoy their favorite bedtime movie. Apart from movies, monitor arms when used in video games and exercising machines can also provide immense comfort to the user.

entertainment by monitor arm

5. Document checks

Documents are common stuff which is available in all types of office. But only a few offices like insurance, passport offices, bankers, and the jobs which concentrate on the clients require a monitor arm as a mandatory requirement. In such places, the staff in the office has to fill out the appropriate documents in the system and show them to the client for clarification and confirmation of the details. At such situations, moving the fixed monitor from and to the face, the client shall make the staff depressed and annoyed.

Hence to avoid such discrepancies, monitor arms shall be used to solve the issue. By using the monitor arms, the screen can be easily turned any number of times in any direction thereby proving its versatility.  At the same time, doctors who use ultrasound therapy to diagnose the lower abdomen and the fetus can make efficient use of this monitor arms to show the diagnosis to the patient in detail.

6. As the second monitor

Not all, but some of the jobs which involve a lot of data to operate needs an additional screen on their table to work efficiently. Each time, the user cannot minimize and maximize tabs in a single system when handling such a huge data. Instead, they prefer an additional screen on their table. But, it consumes almost all the space on your table and so you won’t be able to place any accessory like pen, book, paper, and files etc on your table. How can you tackle this issue? Just use a monitor arm and mount it on the wall. Of course, it will display the data you require and at the same time, it won’t affect the space on the table.

dual monitor

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