5 Hidden features of Instagram

5 Hidden features of Instagram

Instagram in today’s world is a social media giant. It’s the leading platform where millions of users share their posts daily. You can easily upload a post by selecting a picture or a video, choosing among the numerous filters available and puff – all done. You are now connected with 8 million other Instagram users. They can discover you, view your feed and follow you if you have a public account. The more time you spend on the app, engaging with other audience and uploading quality content, the more followers you can get. More followers result in more coverage that can help you promote your business, increase your following as a blogger, act as an influencer, a mentor and in most cases even earn good amounts of money. You can also buy Instagram followers to achieve the above-stated goals rapidly.  
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Instagram addiction is real. Do you spend hours and hours mindlessly scrolling through the app? Do you find yourself looking at the phone or rather looking through your Instagram field first thing after you wake up and the last thing before going to bed? Do you enjoy navigating through the photos, tags, keywords, videos, and comments? Then we have got you covered. Although Instagram is a pretty simple app to use Instagram is constantly coming up with updates which bring new features and settings with them.

We will help you discover some hidden features of Instagram that will make your time spent on the app more fun, interesting and efficient.  

    • Select your filter list. Instagram is equipped with more than 40 filters, which you can use to edit your pictures and videos with. Not all of them appear on the editing interface. You can scroll to the extreme right in the filter list and click “manage” and scroll, select and drag the filters of your choice to the ones that appear on the front page. There is no use of keeping lo-fi or any other filter in your go-to list if you never use it, right? Upload great looking content and get more likes. You can also buy Instagram likes to get your account more discoverable.
    • Sharing a post in DM. If you want to share a post directly with a friend in an inbox. You can easily do it by tapping on the aeroplane icon under each post and then select or type the name of the friend you want to share it with. SIMPLE.
    • Zoom in. This feature was initially not available in Instagram but now if you want to have a closer look of what ear-rings your favourite celebrity is spotting or which brand bag your friend is carrying, just pinch to zoom in and know everything.


  • Swipes clean your history. If you have some fishy business you don’t want anyone to see or stumble upon, you can easily clear your search history. Better safe than sorry because accidents don’t come announced. Simply go to the settings menu and tap clear history. All gone.
  • Follow hashtags. Similar to how you follow people, you can follow hashtags too. Just go to the discover section of the app and type in the hashtag, press “follow” at the top and stay updated.

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